watsonx is an AI and data platform equipped with a collection of AI assistants crafted to facilitate the expansion and enhancement of AI's influence by utilizing reliable data throughout your organization.

The fundamental elements comprise a platform for developing new foundational models, generative AI, and machine learning. It also includes a purpose-built data repository constructed on an open data lakehouse structure, as well as a set of tools designed to expedite AI processes that prioritize responsibility, transparency, and comprehensibility.


Establish a competitive edge: Foundation models enable the customization of AI according to a company's distinct data and specialized expertise, achieving a level of precision that was once unattainable.

Expand AI capabilities throughout your organization: Utilize your data resources, regardless of their location. Utilize a hybrid cloud structure that serves as the data basis for integrating AI extensively within your enterprise.

Enhance the reliability of AI: Enhance data accessibility, implement governance measures, reduce expenses, and expedite the deployment of high-quality models into production.s

Platform Components

watsonx.ai: Utilize the latest studio, which includes foundation models, generative AI, and machine learning capabilities. Watsonx.ai simplifies the process of training, validating, fine-tuning, and deploying foundation and machine learning models.

watsonx.data: Expand the capacity for handling analytics and AI tasks across your data, regardless of its location, using watsonx.data. This unique data store is open, hybrid, and governed, making it the industry's exclusive solution for managing data.

watsonx.governance: Speed up the integration of accountability, openness, and clarity into your data and AI processes using watsonx.governance. This tool assists you in guiding, overseeing, and supervising your company's AI endeavors.

AI Assistants

watsonx Orchestrate: Empower your employees to efficiently delegate repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on tasks that require their unique expertise. With an increasingly diverse range of functions, business professionals can utilize watsonx Orchestrate to assign both common and intricate responsibilities related to talent management. This includes tasks like drafting job descriptions, extracting reports from Salesforce or SAP SuccessFactors, and sourcing candidates, all through natural language commands.

watsonx Assistant: Comprehend customers within their specific context and deliver quick, reliable, and precise responses and self-service assistance through any application, device, or communication channel. Engineered to enhance customer service quality, watsonx Assistant enables all team members in the company to construct and implement AI-driven virtual agents effortlessly, without the need for coding.

watsonx Code Assistant: Enable developers, regardless of their level of expertise, to write code with the assistance of AI-generated suggestions. Specifically designed for specific applications like updating applications and automating IT processes, watsonx Code Assistant utilizes generative AI to enhance developer efficiency, simplify coding challenges, and expedite developer training.

Why watsonx?

Open: watsonx relies on top-tier open technologies, offering a wide range of models to address enterprise needs and adhere to compliance standards.

Trusted: watsonx prioritizes transparency, responsibility, and governance. IBM's models undergo training using reliable datasets, ensuring the mitigation of legal, regulatory, ethical, and accuracy-related issues.

Targeted: watsonx is specifically crafted for enterprises and tailored to cater to various business domains. It is optimized for addressing business scenarios that unlock fresh value and opportunities.

Empowering: watsonx enables you to transcend the role of merely using AI and empowers you to become a creator of AI value. You can train, refine, deploy, and govern your own data and AI models within the platform, taking full ownership of the value they generate.

Our Expertise

We help our clients to define the value AI can generate to their organizations, design the transformation initiative and implement all the way until results are achieved. We provide implementation service of watsonx. We help our clients to develop models through watsonx which can train, refine, deploy, and govern data and AI models within the platform, taking full ownership of the value they generate.

We use IBM Planning Analytics to support manage the data transformation and ETL activities.

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