fruiSCE Fleet Management

fruiSCE Fleet Management empowers businesses to operate their fleets at a world-class level, achieving optimal resource utilization and increased profitability. It excels in managing loads, trips, and resources (including fleet, drivers, and fuel) to not only meet but exceed service level expectations. It efficiently handles legislative requirements, claims, spare parts, accounting, and seamless integration with GPS, TMS, and ERP software. Leveraging artificial intelligence and process mining, fruiSCEĀ® Fleet Management boosts fleet planning and operational efficiency to new heights

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Key Features

Load Management
Using load management, all customer orders may be created, viewed, dropped, and processed from a single window. Orders are accepted from a variety of sources, verified, and delivered along a path that is as efficient as possible with track & trace capabilities.
Trip Management
From planning through execution, trip management aids in cost containment, expense minimization, and settlement administration. It keeps track of daily trip activities and ensures that shipments are delivered on time.
Vehicle Management
Maintaining records of acquired and leased trucks, financing, EMI information, insurance, permits, and other renewable data is helpful for having statutory regulations and all necessary master data.
Driver Management
Driver and co-driver performance and conduct are observed by driver management. This module enables the analysis of hard braking, over-idling, and acceleration. Performance will be enhanced while maintenance expenses and downtime are decreased.
Fuel Management
Fuel management keeps an eye on the amount of fuel in the tanks and how frequently the vehicles are refuelled. Average fuel usage is determined for each vehicle over a specified period of time, and payments are made using all accepted credit cards.
Maintenance & Inspection
Helps to streamline preventive, tire, and container maintenance. Repairs are effectively managed and tracked with timely reminders. The system ensures your vehicles are safe and road ready.
Claims Management
Claims management assists all parties engaged in transportation, such as carriers, 3PL providers, freight forwarders, distributors, and manufacturers, to guarantee that claims are processed quickly and correctly for their clients.
Route Management
Route management has built-in itinerary Management that determines shipment routes and shipping legs for specific requirements with priority sequencing, route visibility, and variable cost features.
Vendor Management
Vendor management enables end-to-end process for brokerage to support global and local transport operations seamlessly. This feature can be integrated with rest of the modules and ERP to manage all the vendors.

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