fruiSCE™ Transportation Management

Logistics companies are struggling to cope up with challenges to maintain competitiveness and increase efficiencies in operational processes. They are struggling to operate with manual or legacy transportation management systems. The complex design and implementation of traditional transportation management systems are creating redundant processes and reducing flexibility. Organizations need a system that can handle all kinds of scenarios with ease of use and mobile productivity.

fruiSCE™ Transportation Management is a comprehensive life cycle solution for all involved parties in transportation and logistics, help customers to move products between two or more locations.

Key Capabilities

fruiSCE™ TMS module enables business processes empowered with Artificial Intelligence and IoT automations.

  • Modular solution to meet challenging need of any size of supply chain
  • A system suitable for all kind of transportation modes
  • Excellent user interface
  • Faster and easy implementation
  • Mobile productivity
  • Collaboration with supply chain stakeholders
  • Transportation reports and analytics to support faster decision support
  • Robust and flexible integration with ERP, WMS, and MES solutions
  • Integration with IoT devices
  • Artificial intelligence enabled decision support

Key Benefits

fruiSCE™ TMS powered by Artificial Intelligence support logistics and supply chain organizations in optimizing business processes and generate returns in variety of opportunities.

  • Automatic picking of career with best transport rates and service levels
  • Tendering process for automatic confirmation of transporter
  • Complete visibility of shipment and truck
  • Flexible way to record proof of delivery
  • Powerful analytics to show efficiencies and trends in shipment, freight, route and delivery times
  • Invoice management to cover all kind of transportation includes interstate, intrastate, milk runs, backhaul, etc.
  • Flexible payment options with integration with most popular payment gateways
  • Traceability of transactions and customer self-audit
  • Easy way to handle claims and claim settlements
  • Fleet management for all kind of transporters Fleet owners, 3PLs, freight forwarders etc.
  • Route optimization through better itinerary management

Key Features

fruiSCE™ TMS provides comprehensive coverage of all business processes suitable for all involved parties to automate end-to-end business processes of logistics and supply chain operations.

Transport Order Management

Transport order management module provides a single window to view, manage and process all customer orders. The steps include receiving orders from different sources, confirm orders and plan delivery along with optimized route with optimum freight costs with track & trace capability.

Transport Order Planning

fruiSCE™ TMS provides transport order planning to optimize resource utilization and performance. The order planning process helps to optimize costs, increase service level for deliveries, and container utilization.

Shipment Execution

Shipment execution is the core transportation process seamlessly executed through fruiSCE TMS. fruiSCE TMS optimizes shipment execution process with multiple partners to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in transport operations.

Shipment Settlement

All financial transactions towards settlement of invoices are done through invoicing module which is integrated to ERP. fruiSCE has an effective cost settlement functionality which helps to select best rate automatically as shippers plan and tender to carriers.

Container Management

fruiSCE™ TMS covers container management feature which enables manufacturers, distributors, and 3PL providers to achieve complete visibility, tracking, movement of inbound containers and inventory, and measuring productivity.

Claims Management

fruiSCE™ TMS contains claims management module to support all involved parties i.e., transporters, 3PL operators, freight forwarders, distributers, and manufacturers in transportation to ensure quick and accurate processing of claims by their clients.

Itinerary Management

fruiSCE™ TMS contains Itinerary Management to determine shipment routes and shipping legs for specific requirements with priority sequencing, route visibility, variable rates features.

Brokerage and Agents

fruiSCE™ TMS covers end-to-end process for brokerage and agents to support global and local transport operations seamlessly. This feature is very well integrated with rest of the modules and provides complete solutions.