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Manage all portfolios, programs, and projects/strategic initiatives aligned with balanced scorecard or OKR. The strategic initiatives/projects close the performance gaps of measures to deliver performance of strategic objectives. The scoring mechanism of evaluating the performance of individual projects, programs, and portfolios can be maintained and also report the periodic performances. PMO can manage strategic transformations by successfully executing the projects, programs, and portfolios.

Project/Initiative Management: The ability to deliver projects on schedule, on budget, and aligned with the business goals is the key to gain a competitive edge in current global business environment. Project managers are required to have an incredibly complex assignment, one that blends organizational skills, an analytical mind, and adept interpersonal abilities.

It is critical to define milestones within a project’s life cycle used to measure the progress toward the ultimate goal. Milestones in project management are used as signal posts for a project's start or end date, external reviews or input, budget checks, submission of a major deliverable, etc. While the final deliverable or product is indeed a significant milestone, there are several other milestones that will help you move smoothly towards the final goal.

Tasks being a single unit of work, a single step in a multi-step project is accomplished by set deadlines and must contribute towards work-related objectives. Just as project management is the coordination of individual tasks, a task can be further broken down into subtasks, which should also have clear start and end dates for completion. Achieve objective performance through successfully completing the projects by delivering the scope, on time, and on budget. fruiStrategy helps to manage end-to-end processes of project management.

Portfolios and Programs: Portfolios and Programs can help organizations to achieve strategic goals and help to build critical capabilities. PMOs have a variety of projects to manage that complement each other and hence it is crucial that PMO software has a portfolio view to view all the projects in one screen and be able to quickly understand how they are related to one another.

fruiStrategy PMO provides you with multiple project views, including the high-level one of all the projects at one go. It offers controls to group and organize them as you desire and pay specialized attention to a detail when needed.

The initiatives can be grouped by type, assigned weightages, set priorities, and set performance thresholds which can be used to calculate the performance of the Programs and Portfolios automatically and provide the performance direction.

Task management is the process of monitoring your project's tasks through their various stages from start to finish. This involves actively making decisions for your tasks to accommodate changes that can occur real-time, with the end goal being the successful completion of the tasks.

Project task management in fruiStrategy PMO helps in managing all aspects of a task like budget, time, scope, resources, recurrence and so on effectively. A group of tasks together contribute towards the execution of a project. Therefore, task management is inherently a function of project management. The project task progress is connected to milestone completion and deliverables which can be automatically set for reminders and alerts

Performance Reporting: Performance reporting not only helps the management to identify and avoid road blocks, but also in identifying opportunities for improvement. Once the potential risks and compliance factors are identified, depending on the depth and the duration of the projects, performance reporting is to be frequently so that all the stakeholders are aware of the consequences. Reports may include, one on risks affecting an individual project, affecting multiple projects, business affecting risk reports, and so on.

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Project Reporting: fruiStrategy PMO comes with a set of project reporting tools to provide actionable insights into the projects. One can assess how long the project will take to complete, identify which resources are available, and prioritize the order in which the tasks are to be carried out.

The various reports that fruiStrategy PMO offers are Timeline reports, Variance reports, Resource availability reports, Time tracking reports, Task and Issue reports, etc. The value gap closure can be monitored through project reporting and we can track strategy execution performance on time.

Change Management: All project changes can be managed through fruiStrategy PMO. Individual project stakeholders can raise a change request and approval process will be done through the system to keep the track of all changes and approvals.

The change in the people due to organizational culture due to transformation initiatives can be managed properly through best practices change management principles. Team responsibilities can include liaising with stakeholders, developing training programs, and tracking engagement.

Performance Dashboards: Dashboards designed to display metrics, statistics, insights, and key performance indicators for projects, programs, and portfolios help management to take the informed decisions. fruiStrategy PMO provides various performance dashboards that helps organizations visualize, monitor, optimize, and enhance the performance of the projects.

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Consulting for all steps in strategy execution which include strategy planning, strategy translation, strategy reviews, PMO processes, risk management, strategy refresh, personal scorecards and others.


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Integration with all complementing solutions and data sources to have seamless flow of data to make data available on time to enable better decision making.


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