Strategy Analysis

Strategy Analysis is the primary step in strategy planning process. Analysis models are useful tools and techniques that can help you understand your organisational environment and think more strategically about your business. There are many techniques used available, but some are used frequently. The most popular techniques are supported by fruiStrategy.

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Key Features

SWOT Analysis
SWOT Analysis: Ensure strategic alignment by assessing internal strengths and weaknesses. Proactively mitigate risks from external threats for smoother execution. Optimize resource allocation to enhance strategic goal attainment.
PESTEL Analysis
Evaluate the macro-environmental factors of Politics, Economics, Society, Technology, Environment, and Legal aspects to gain comprehensive insight into external influences, identify opportunities and challenges, and adapt strategies accordingly.
Porter's Five Force
Porter's Five Forces Analysis: Evaluate industry competitiveness through supplier and buyer power, threats from new entrants, substitutes, and competitive rivalry, enabling strategic decision-making and market assessment.
Four Corner Analysis
Evaluate market, resources, execution capabilities, and external factors to inform precise strategy execution, gain 360-degree insight, and make informed decisions in a dynamic business landscape.
Cause and Effect Analysis
Identify causal relationships between factors, enabling a deeper understanding of root causes, effective problem-solving, and informed decision-making in complex scenarios.
Force Field Analysis
Force Field Analysis: Evaluate driving and restraining forces within a situation to assess change readiness, facilitate decision-making, and guide effective change management strategies.
Tree Diagram Analysis
Tree Diagram Analysis: Visualize hierarchical structures and relationships, aiding in problem-solving, decision-making, and organizing complex ideas for more effective strategy execution.
Hoshin Kanri
Implement a strategic planning methodology that aligns organizational goals, empowers teams, and ensures effective execution through systematic policy deployment and performance monitoring.
Value Chain Analysis
Examine the full spectrum of an organization's activities to identify value-added processes, optimize operations, and enhance competitive advantage in strategy execution.
Business Model Canvas
Employ a visual tool to map and analyze key components of your business model, facilitating strategic planning, innovation, and effective execution in a clear and concise manner.
Strategy Canvas
Utilize a visual tool to chart your competitive strategy, compare market factors, and guide strategic decision-making, enabling effective differentiation and execution in your industry.

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