Balanced Scorecard

fruiStrategy Balanced Scorecard is a comprehensive solution supporting Kaplan and Norton's Execution Premium methodology. It offers a structured approach to strategy execution, encompassing project management, risk management, compliance management, communications management, and review management. This framework translates an organization's strategy into objectives and measures, aligning them throughout planning and control processes. David Norton emphasizes its role in strategy alignment. Despite the potential, only a fraction of formulated strategies are effectively executed, making strategy execution a key challenge for most senior executives. The Kaplan-Norton Balanced Scorecard is a proven methodology used by high-performing organizations

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Key Features

Strategy Planning & Analysis
The process of developing a strategy includes strategy analysis, which must be connected to the execution of the strategy. The module enables linking of the implementation of the strategy plan. The solution includes all essential tools for strategy analysis, such as SWOT, PESTEL, Porter's Five Force Analysis, cause and effect, scanning, and others.
Strategy Projections & Value Gap
To discover strategies to close value gaps through strategic initiatives, objectives, and other strategic actions, keep strategic projections by product group or service group in place. Value gaps can be determined by product,service, categories, and geographic locations.
Strategy Mapping
The most important part of executing a strategy is the strategy map, which shows the causal relationships between the strategic goals. Cause and effect analysis can be related to a strategy map. Departmental strategy maps, business unit strategy maps, and the overall organisational strategy map can all be updated together.
Balanced Scorecard
A balanced scorecard is a framework that converts a company's strategy into a list of goals, measures them, and helps the company align itself with those goals through its planning and control procedures. Establish ownership, viewpoints, topics, goals, measures, and initiatives.
Alignment of People, Processes, & System
Describe how all organisational units, including corporate offices, business units, support units, and departments of business units, are aligned with respect to strategic objectives, business processes, people, systems, and structure.
Alignment of Corporate & Business Units
Describe how business unit departments should work with HR, Finance, IT, and other corporate support units to achieve the corporate unit's strategic goals and operational goals.
Initiative Management
The explicit goal of strategic initiatives is to close the performance gaps established by the plan. A strategy cannot be carried out with only one initiative. It necessitates a number of actions. With "fruiStrategy," businesses can better connect their initiatives with various strategic goals that are geared at accomplishing those goals.
Strategic Reviews & Updates
You can save the tale of themes, objectives, and initiatives that follow a specified format using "fruiStrategy." With an objective/theme/initiative story, you may examine a single strategic objective, topic, or initiative along with all of the accompanying data, track data over time, and share the findings with different recipients by saving data.
Linking Business Planning & Budgeting
Find the optimum fit for strategic alignment by tying strategic projections to business planning. Strategic predictions can be used to generate financial statements as part of the budgeting process, which will then drive the entire budgeting process to achieve the desired result.
Communications & Alerts
Via the alerts mechanism, all strategic communication and alarms may be controlled effectively. The emails and texts can be used to provide information, serve as reminders, or request further action. The actions can be completed, and the open points list can be frequently examined.
Dashboards & Reports
Analyze projects, measures, risks, value gap analysis, and reports for balanced scorecard performance using performance dashboards. Initiatives, measures, objectives, and the overall balanced scorecard can all be tracked in the reports.
Strategy Refresh
It is possible to closely monitor the evolving strategies and strategic directions, and any modifications to those strategic directions can be updated through a strategy refresh system. The most relevant and the right strategies are always at check.
Data Integration
The measure values for actuals can be reported using a variety of data sources, including manual excel sheets, ERP, budgeting systems, and line-of-business systems. All the data sources are seamlessly integrated and the required data can be anlalyzed.
User & Security
With adequate security management, the user management can be established to control access to all modules, sessions, and reports. necessary access rights for the modules as needed.
Create operational budgets using general ledgers, departments, WBS, profit centres, cost centres, and driver-based modelling. Create predicted financial statements and budgets for capital expenses.

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