SAP Analytics Cloud solution combines analytics and planning with unique integration to SAP applications and smooth access to different types of data sources. As the analytics and planning solution within SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP Analytics Cloud supports trusted insights and integrated planning processes enterprise-wide to help you make better and informed decisions.

With SAP Analytics Cloud, a clutter of stand-alone reporting spreadsheets or disconnected planning tools is eliminated to support organizational strategy alignment. Stakeholders can find everything they need embedded within their familiar work context. No matter the core function, decisions are more complete, contextual, and certain.

BI Functionality

SAP Analytics Cloud gives business users at all levels comprehensive, self-service analytics that adheres to the industry’s leading visual design standards while delivering superior value from Big Data. The BI & Analytics Survey 21 reported that SAP Analytics Cloud achieved no less than 19 top rankings and 21 leading positions against its competitors.

With top-rated Business Intelligence Functionality;

• Improve Business outcomes with complete analysis

• Turn insight into action right where you work

• Enjoy smart capabilities designed for business people

Complete Analytics

SAP Analytics Cloud provides end-to-end data management tools and analytics to support smart data access, preparation, and quality governance while aligning processes on standard business logic and semantics and supporting predictive modeling. The solution also scales to your changing business needs in running on the enterprise-grade, Big Data–ready SAP Cloud Platform.

SAP Analytics Cloud offers board- and CXO-level analytics through SAP Digital Boardroom. A next- generation touch-screen experience that presents information graphically and intuitively on very large screens enable top leaders to understand the past, oversee business execution, and simulate the future. They can also work directly and collaboratively by using handheld devices to monitor the business and drive the changes that help you master the digital economy.

Insights into Actions

Using SAP Analytics Cloud, you can embed planning and analysis directly into processes supported by your enterprise applications. Streamlined workflows bring insight to the point of decision, so employees can learn about relevant patterns and trends as they perform daily work and turn smart insight into smart action immediately.

With SAP Analytics Cloud, you gain access to collective intelligence in one of the world’s largest clouds for business applications. More than 150 million customers together reveal new insights, establish new benchmarks, and share new best practices.

Smart Capabilities

SAP Analytics Cloud lets you deliver new insights revealed by emerging AI technologies to the right people at the right time, augmenting familiar business intelligence and enterprise planning with machine learning and predictive analytics. Built-in machine learning algorithms automatically guide data discovery and help detect previously hidden influencers and patterns.

The primary mechanism for searching decision-support content in SAP Analytics Cloud is natural-language processing. This technology allows users to pose a question conversationally at any time and receive a real-time response expressed visually. All employees can work toward confident predictions and forecasts with unprecedented ease.

All-in-one Solution

SAP Analytics Cloud provides analytics for all users. Everything your intelligent enterprise needs for reporting, predicting, and planning is at hand–in one high-performance, in-memory system and a single user experience.

Preconfigured, best-practice industry and line-of-business content helps jump-start the development of your analytics system. The open-innovation technology behind SAP Analytics Cloud lets you tailor analytical applications with content from our partners. Comprehensive data management and analytics help ensure that a consistent data model and trusted information underpin analysis and planning. Furthermore, machine learning capabilities embedded in your applications enrich and accelerate decision- making within daily ERP functions.

We Build Models

Planning & Budgeting Models: We design comprehensive planning and budgeting models to help you strategically allocate resources, set financial targets, and monitor performance effectively.

Profitability and Cost Models: Our experts craft profitability and cost models that provide deep insights into revenue streams, cost structures, and profit margins, enabling informed financial decisions.

Data Governance Models: We develop robust data governance models to ensure data quality, integrity, and compliance, facilitating reliable data-driven decision-making.

Predictive Analytics Models: Leveraging advanced analytics, we build predictive models that empower your organization to anticipate market trends, customer behavior, and future performance.

Business Intelligence Models: Our business intelligence models transform raw data into actionable insights, providing you with the information needed for strategic decisions.

Driver-Based Models: We create driver-based models that align key performance indicators (KPIs) with their influencing factors, enabling data-driven decisions and more accurate forecasts.

Our Expertise

Over 30 Years of Experience: With over three decades of experience in planning, consolidation, and performance management, we bring a rich history of successful projects and satisfied clients.

Global Best Practices: We leverage global best practices to tailor solutions that address the unique needs of various industries, ensuring your success.

Faster Implementation: Our streamlined implementation process ensures quick deployment, allowing you to start benefiting from SAP Analytics Cloud promptly.

Comprehensive Support: We provide unwavering support throughout your journey, ensuring your SAP Analytics Cloud system remains robust and continually delivers actionable insights for your business.

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