SAP S/4HANA is one of the largest enterprise solution suite brands globally. It comes with a strong reputation and pedigree, modern & future-ready architecture, rich functionally, easy deployment, configuration and a clear upgrade roadmap from SAP ECC/R/3. As the ‘digital core’ of organizations, it helps them successfully transform their business, drive simplification, enable real-time data for rapid decision-making, and deliver tangible business value.

As organizations prepare themselves to address their competitive landscape, we assist them in reimagining and re-engineering their business. DLI SAP S/4HANA CoE has developed industry best practices, frameworks, and repositories to help SAP customers seamlessly deploy SAP S/4 HANA (On-premise/ Cloud).

Service Offerings

Introduce SAP S/4 HANA and digitize your core to become a digital enterprise. Simplify your data model and create a single source of truth for better insights in real-time.
Bring together data visualization, planning, and predictive capabilities all on your own without the help of a data scientist with advanced embedded analytics and graphical representation.
Create role-based custom applications with modern design principles while our UI experts provide a centralized view of technology, processes, and products for enhanced customer experience.
Level up warehouse performance and management with advanced features like enhanced production processes, material flow system, automatic storage and retrieval system, etc.
SAP Basis & Security
Leverage continuous monitoring, effective decision-making, real-time visibility, and GRC process integration to streamline operations and safeguard critical business processes.
Financial Transformation
AStreamline and centralize the finance function and automate all traditional financial tasks transforming to intelligent finance without disturbing the existing functionalities.

How it is done

During this phase strategic planning of the project, application value and scoping is defined by provisioning trial systems.
Initiation of the project, team enablement, transition planning and preparation is carried out while prototypes of the project are built.
The entire design of the project is done in this phase along with understanding the impact of the operations at every stage.
The completed design needs to be developed, executed, and data has to be migrated. Testing is done once the afore said tasks are complete.
Once the operational readiness of the project is tested, it will be deployed under Hyper Care.
The completed project is handedover to the organization after successful implementation. Innovation and Improvements can be done as needed.

Our Expertise

At Data Labs India, we are your trusted partner in SAP S/4HANA implementation and support. With a team of seasoned professionals and a wealth of experience, we offer a wide range of technical and business expertise to help your organization leverage the power of SAP S/4HANA. Our proficiency spans across multiple SAP modules and business processes, ensuring a seamless transition to the digital future.

Technical Excellence:

SAP Financials & Controlling (FICO): Expertise in financial management, accounting, and controlling processes for streamlined financial operations.

SAP Materials Management (MM): Effective management of your procurement, inventory, and materials processes for optimized supply chains.

SAP Sales & Distribution (SD): Enhancing your sales and distribution operations to drive revenue and customer satisfaction.

SAP Project Systems (PS): Efficiently manage your projects, from planning to execution, ensuring on-time delivery and cost control.

SAP Production Planning (PP): Streamlined production planning and execution for manufacturing excellence.

SAP Quality Management (QM): Ensuring product quality and compliance throughout the production process.

SAP Plant Maintenance (PM): Maintain your assets effectively to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

SAP SuccessFactors (Human Capital Management): Empower your workforce with talent management and HR solutions.

SAP Business Objects (BOBJ): Unlock insights and drive informed decision-making with advanced analytics and reporting.

SAP Document Management Systems (DMS): Efficiently manage your documents and records for compliance and transparency.

SAP Process Orchestration (PO): Seamlessly integrate and automate your business processes for efficiency.

SAP ABAP/BASIS/SOLMAN: Comprehensive technical expertise for SAP system management and development.

Integrations & Interfaces: Connect and optimize your systems and data flows.

FIORI & Analytics: Transform user experiences with modern UI and harness data for insights.

Management Dashboards: Real-time visibility into key performance indicators for strategic decision-making.

Business Process Mastery:

Strategy Planning & Execution: Align your business goals with actionable strategies and ensure execution excellence.

Business Planning & Budgeting, Consolidation: Streamline financial planning, budgeting, and consolidation processes for greater financial control.

Sales & Operations Planning: Optimize your supply chain by balancing demand and supply.

Master Scheduling & MRP: Ensure efficient production scheduling and materials requirements planning.

Planning, Execution & Commissioning: A comprehensive approach to project planning and execution.

Order to Delivery: Seamless order management, from order creation to delivery.

Procure to Pay: Streamlined procurement processes for cost savings and supplier management.

Product Costing: Accurate cost calculations for profitability analysis.

Engineering Design: Support for product design and development processes.

Accounts & Finance: End-to-end financial processes management.

Supply Chain Integrations: Integration solutions for a responsive and agile supply chain.

Production Process: Optimization of manufacturing processes for efficiency and quality.

Logistics & Inventory Management: Efficiently manage your logistics and inventory for cost savings.

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