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fruiSCE® Warehouse Management

fruiSCE® Warehouse Management is a comprehensive solution to address all the key warehousing challenges with the help of advanced technology enablers. It provides complete control, management, and visibility of warehouse operations and empowered with Artificial Intelligence and integration with IoT devices. It is designed to suit all kinds of warehouse operations that include retail, manufacturing, 3PL, E-commerce, and distribution centers.

fruiSCE® WMS is an autonomous and independent software that ensures to overcome the challenges of order processing, warehousing and distribution needs. The highlights of fruiSCE® WMS incude industry-specific functionality, being highly configurable, ability of being deployed on-premises or on the cloud or a combination of both, and multisite warehousing.

Key Benefits

Increase picking productivity by 20%-40%

Picking errors can be avoided to a great extent if the material is stored at the right place and fruiSCE® WMS improves the picking efficiency

Achieve +99% inventory accuracy

The inventory status, stockouts, and number of times a company sells and replaces the goods in the inventory can be accurately determined

Order accuracy +99.9%

Any order once placed is executed, processed, and delivered on time

Expedite inbound activities by 15-30%

Inbound activities are executed at an improved pace and finished promptly

Reduce inventory level and capital expenses

All expenses in performing the operations such as inventory, capital, and other miscellaneous costs are reduced significantly

Warehouse space optimization by 10-20%

By storing the materials at the right place in the inventories, warehouse space utilization can be optimized

Eliminate requirements for year-end-inventory

All avoidable requirements can be discarded while calculating the final value of the products held at the end of a financial period

Reduced product damage

Having all the safety measures in place and handling the material carefully, product damage can be minimized

Key Features

Purchase Order

Create purchase order for multiple line items with different pricing and structures. Transfer purchase orders from ERP automatically or insert bulk purchase orders through excel upload functionality.

Goods Receiving

Upon receiving notification such as ASN or EDI, Goods Receive Note can be prepared manually or automatically. Partial or full quantities can be received through bill of lading receipt. Easy goods receipts can be done through mobile application.


Automatic putaway is recommended based on putaway rules which gives optimized space utilization. Putaway can be executed through mobile application or RF gun to have accurate and speedy process. Appropriate quality checking is done before putaway process.


Based on type of deliveries and receiving, the processes can be aligned to accommodate cross docking. Different type of cross-docking can be managed through direct shipment transfer or temporary storage or partial transfers with proper triggers from delivery orders.

Inventory Management

Inventory transfers from one location to another and inventory adjustments can be done for clearing the differences if any. Cycle counting and physical inventory helps to keep the inventory accurate and adjust regularly to have accurate inventory visibility.

Sales Order

Sales order is created automatically or manually for the delivery of products based on industry best practices. The sales orders can be transferred through ERP or other system. Bulk uploads of sales orders can be done through excel upload functionality.

Manufacturing Order

Goods are issued for manufacturing and the process supports all the necessary steps including trolley management, empties, and different types of picking processes. All raw material consumptions and finished products receipts from manufacturing process can be managed.

Picking & Dispatch

Automatic picking is done through optimized picking processes based on variety of picking optimization logics. The products are dispatched with relevant packing if required. Necessary advanced shipment notices can be sent based on picking and dispatch process.


The accounting will be settled for inbound and outbound invoicing and also to register expenses with provision for a variety of accounting reports. The invoicing can be made against sales deliveries.

Billing Module

All possible billing methods are available to have the warehousing costs calculated. Billing purchase order and billing invoice can be made for the warehouse customers.

Gate-in and gate-out

The time stamps and registration information can be made through gate-in and gate-out processes to support security process of warehouse. The required documents and information can be registered which can be linked to goods receipt or goods delivery.

E-commerce integration

The order drop can be done automatically through e-commerce portals on regular predefined intervals or trigger based inputs. Automatic purchase order or sales orders can be created through e-commerce integration.

Advanced Shipment Notification

ASNs can be received from suppliers and necessary capacity management can be done. The ASNs for outgoing shipments can be provided through trigger mechanism. Necessary capacity management can be done through ASN mechanism.


While making GRNs, the size of the item can be registered for length, breadth, and depth. This information is useful to calculate volumetric numbers and also capacity planning for volume. The bin spaces and location size can be calculated based on the cubing process.

What we can do for you


Consulting for introducing best practices in Warehouse Management which include defining, layouts,, cubing, putaway and picking strategies, ASN, EDI, cross docking, inventory management, warehouse operations, capacity planning, and performance management.


Implement Warehouse Management process which include, purchasing, putaway, cross docking, picking & shipping, sales orders, invoicing, bulk pick and each pick locations, cycle counting, inventory transfers and adjustments, and master data definition.


Integration with all complementing solutions and data sources which include ERP, TMS, barcoding, RFID, QR codes, eCommerce portals, equipment, through OPC UA protocol and others to have seamless flow of data to make data available on time to enable better decision making.


Software solution which is comprehensive, easy to implement, easy to maintain, built on latest technology stack, empowered by AI/ML, process mining, mobility, API enabled, Cloud empowered, and with great user interface.

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Industries for the product

fruiSCE® WMS is designed to cater services to various industries and the following are a few of them.


Retail & Distribution




Pharma & BioTech


Mining, Oil & Gas

Animal Feed

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