Enterprise Performance Management

Strategy Execution is the key challenge and it takes tremendous efforts and discipline for almost all successful organizations. Enterprise Performance Management is the integral part of strategy execution. Business leaders and planners need a planning solution which provides flexibility in planning, up to date dashboards, robust user interface, and easy collaboration. EPM solutions bridge the gap between process and technology to drive performance.

  • Develop an enterprise strategy
  • Translate strategy into operational terms which includes defining strategy maps and scorecards
  • Design and implement key strategic initiatives for optimizing planning and execution processes
  • Align all levels of planning processes can include business planning, budgeting, sales & operations planning, financial planning, and detailed execution level plans.
  • Establish robust reporting and review processes

Balance Scorecarding

Balanced Scorecard framework translates an organization’s strategy into a set of objectives and measures, and aligns the organization to them though it’s planning and control processes. The key challenges through manual process include creating strategy maps, balanced scorecards, populating scorecards through multiple data sources, and providing necessary insights during strategy reviews. BSC solution solves all challenges and provides collaborated user experience to support strategy execution.