CEO’s Message


Thank you for visiting DLI website. I hope you have got brief overview of what we do and how we help our customers.

I am proud to lead the Data Labs India team. I strongly believe that modern business organizations require robust business processes and well-trained people to execute them. Information systems become the backbone for business processes and a key enabler for people to operate a business. The tremendous challenge is to select, implement, maintain, and upgrade enterprise solutions in a cost-effective way.

We know how the IT systems are changing and how the organizations should adopt them. We support organizations to do their core job of business and rely on us for business processes and systems alignment. The great thing about us is we know all enterprise systems which are required for a business to operate and succeed.

We have designed and developed supply chain excellence product suite to solve complex problems of supply chain execution. The complex and integrated business processes for warehousing, transportation, global trade, manufacturing, supply chain analytics, and planning are made simple and yet robust through our fruiSCE supply chain excellence suite, suitable for both large and midsize organizations.

We have designed and developed strategy and performance management suite to solve complex problem in strategy execution. Our innovative solution portfolio fruiStrategy includes balanced scorecard, objectives and key results, business planning and budgeting, and activity based management which addresses all strategy execution challenges in a comprehensive way.

We support our clients to select right, implement and maintain right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with a focus on optimized business processes. We work on Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions on top of ERP so that our clients enjoy the benefit of robust planning and performance management processes. We witnessed our clients achieve excellence in financial planning and supply chain planning processes.

We support with business intelligence solutions to make sure that our clients track and follow KPI’s closely to optimize their businesses. We do business analytics to get insights of data and make key swift business decisions. We develop key partnerships to ensure that our clients get the total benefit of integrated echo system.

The most important attribute of DLI team is; we make sure that our customers get what they want. We don’t give up until our customer is happy. We also encourage our customers to be our long-term partners and we are enjoying this with quite a few. We adopt appropriate project management methodology for initiatives.

Our model of onsite and off-shore development and deployment is unique. Our model makes sure that our clients get the results at affordable costs.

We are investing heavily in catching up with industry best practices in business processes and the latest technologies to make it as the foundation for our growth. We have ambitious growth plans to make it a truly global organization.

I sincerely thank our associates at DLI and our technology and business partners for continued encouragement and support. Together we can innovate and achieve success and make our clients happy.


Shaik Abdul Khadar