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fruiSCE® Manufacturing Execution

fruiSCE® Manufacturing Execution helps organizations to execute, manage, and monitor the production process. It supervises machines, operators and inventory with complete traceability of the manufacturing process. Work center level reporting for material balancing, operation time, operational performance, and machine data is reported seamlessly against each production order. By capitalizing on all the production data in real-time, fruiSCE® MES has a clear visibility of each work order including its status and performance with granularity in the order of a minute and thus making it a complementary tool which has a higher level global view.

Owing to its pivotal role, it is an invaluable tool for effectively managing the production process by optimizing the flow of information and providing operators and managers with fast actionable data to minimize disruption. fruiSCE® MES follows ISA S88 and S95 standards.

Key Benefits

Reduce manufacturing cycle time

The time consumed to convert raw materials into finished goods is significantly reduced

Eliminate/Minimize data entry time

As most of the processes are automated, data entry at each data point is either significantly reduced or completely eliminated

Data driven decisions

The data recorded at various data points can be analyzed and management can take better informed decisions, quickly

Improved customer service

As the required data is at hand, customer service can be drastically improved

Immediate and appropriate response

The entire manufacturing process is transformed with the help of robust processes to be able to handle any unexpected scenarios

People, Plant, and Operations empowered

With the help of latest technology and enablers such as AI, ML, and Process Mining the entire organization can be empowered

Switch smoothly between shifts

The handover done between shifts becomes effortless as all the parameters are met before hand

Connected Machines and Work Centers

All the machines connected with variety of integration protocols to view the specialized data to see the performance data online and take decisions proactively.

Key Features

Production Order Management

Maintain and process production orders for all manufacturing environments with proper management of inventory movements, operational reporting, labour and machine accountability, costing through automated data flow.

Work Center Management

Perform robust work center operations with all material movements, reporting of operational time stamps, safety, automatic data flow from machines through OPC UA, break downs, setup and run times, labour and machine time stamps.

Statistical Process Control

Monitor production and machine process effectiveness through Live data streaming through machine (OPC UA protocol) and take actions if any data points crossing UCL, LCL with view on upper and lower specification limits.

Maintenance Management

Maintain machines and equipment through preventive maintenance, and ad hoc maintenance through creating job orders and assigning resources such as materials, technician, etc and get summary updates continuously on daily basis.

Time and Attendance

Assign jobs to the employees and monitor their work presence through leaves, holidays time-in and time-out stamps, absenteeism, to assess the effective performance of employees and improve the work environment.

Performance Analysis

Act proactively to detect machine faults, early diagnostics, and part replacements to increase overall productivity to do a lead time performance analysis and also keep notified about OEE and SPC performance with periodic updates.

Cost Management

Perform costing on operations through machine costs, labour costs, maintenance costs, over head costs through recording the data manually or automatically and generate costs for operations per unit product and improve profitability

Event Management

AI/ML empowered alerts or notifications generated when production process is disturbed by any disturbance in production line or machine so that appropriate action can be taken to improve the safety and productivity of manufacturing.

Product Traceability

Traceability of material sources, work in process, and finished products through all the stages of supply chain to enable dynamic supply chain for recalls and replacements makes manufacturing a competitive advantage and improve safety across supply chain.

Quality Management

Manage quality and laboratory processes for raw materials, work in process, finished products for procurement, manufacturing, and sales processes through sample and inspection management, quality combinations, and test results analysis.

Compliance and Risk Management

Identifies the major inherent risks within the production area, factors in any processes and procedures practiced by the production planning to control the processes through enterprise risk management approaches and eliminate, mitigate or manage risks.

Data Management

Enable supply chain automation and integrations for all data sources and link to a data lake and from there connect to individual applications like Process Mining, AI, Analytics, Streaming, and provide feedback to other applications like MES, ERP etc to get competitive advantage with data.

Data Architecture

Data available for performing process improvement initiatives such as Lean Six Sigma, TPM, 5S, Kanban, TQM, paperless shopfloor, regulatory compliance, continuous improvement, visibility, OEE, SPC, and AI/ML. The data ready organizations will have seamless data integration.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Define and manage OEE through measuring all the data through production order processing and automations and calculate Line level OEE, plant level OEE and global OEE to optimize operations and achieve excellence in manufacturing operations.

Energy management

Generate energy consumption plans by production line, production plant with standard consumption requirements and record actual energy consumptions through energy meters automatically and reduce the overall cost of energy consumption.

What we can do for you


Consulting for introducing best practices in Manufacturing Management which include defining, digital twin, work centers, machines, operations, performance reporting, order management, energy management, tooling, maintenance, planning and scheduling.


Implement the Manufacturing Execution process which includes, production orders, work centre reporting, material balancing, energy planning, integration with machines, performance analytics, production scheduling, MRP and MPS, and OEE reporting.


Integration with all complementing solutions and data sources which include ERP, Excel, LoB solutions, Machines, through OPC UA protocol and others to have a seamless flow of data to make data available on time to enable better decision making.


Software solution which is comprehensive, easy to implement, easy to maintain, built on the latest technology stack, empowered by AI/ML models, process mining, mobility, API enabled, Cloud empowered, and with great user experience.

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Industries for the product

fruiSCE® MES is designed to cater services to various industries and the following are a few of them.


Descrete Manufacturing



Job shop manufacturing

ETO manufacturing


Mining, Oil & Gas

Animal Feed

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