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fruiSCE® Fleet Management

fruiSCE® Fleet Management empowers the organizations to achieve world-class fleet operations with optimum and efficient utilization of resources resulting in improved profitability.One can efficiently manage loads, trips, and resources (fleet, drivers, fuel, etc.) to meet and exceed service levels. All necessary enabling processes such as statutory requirements, claims, spare parts, accounting, and integration are taken care of effectively.It can be seamlessly integrated with ERP, TMS, and GPS solutions.fruiSCE® Fleet Management is powered by Artificial Intelligence & Process Mining to improvethe performance offleet planning and operations.

Key Benefits

Real-time communication

The entire team can actively collaborate on fleet operations with unlimited users, flexible permissions, and features built around exception management

Automated workflows

End-to-end maintenance process is automated through powerful operational workflows and data integration. No more manual data entry

Remote fleet management

Handle any fleet-related task or surface critical data at anytime, anywhere with intuitive web and smartphone apps designed for busy and distributed fleets

Route Planning

One can plan the days, routes, and distribution of their fleet efficiently. The overall cost can be significantly reduced by optimizing the route planning

Real-time Updates

Fleet managers can track their fleet in real-time and redirect vehicles when necessary with the help of clear overviews of where the vehicles are, their job completion status, estimated arrival and delivery times

Low Fuel Consumption

In-depth fuel tracking data reports help identify excessive idling, mileage, sudden changes in the fuel level and more. Fleet managers can use this data and work towards reducing the fuel consumption

Detailed Reporting

Overall efficiency of the system can be improved with the help of detailed or customized reports as per the requirement. The fleet managers can identify the areas of improvement and do the needful

Improved Vehicle Maintenance

Based on the kilometers travelled, engine hours, and fuel usage a preventative maintenance schedule can be created. Fleet management allows the managers to identify the maintenance schedule of the vehicles individually

Key Features

Load Management

Load management provides a single window to create, view, drop, and process all customer orders. Orders are received from different sources, confirmed, and delivered in an optimized route with track & trace capability

Trip Management

Trip management helps to control, minimize the expenses, and manage settlements right from the start to the end of a trip. It monitors the daily trip activity and assures timely delivery of shipments

Vehicle Management

Vehicle management helps to maintain records of purchased & leased trucks, finance, EMI details, insurance, permits and other renewable data to have statutory regulations, all required master data

Driver Management

Driver management monitors the driver and co-driver behavior and their performance. This module allows to analyze acceleration, speeding, harsh braking, and over idling. Maintenance costs and down times will be reduced and performance improved

Fuel Management

Fuel management monitors fuel levels 24/7 and how often vehicles are being refueled and consumed. Average fuel consumption is calculated, per vehicle in a specific time and payment is done through all available payment cards

Maintenance & Inspection

Helps to streamline preventive, tire, and container maintenance. Repairs are effectively managed and tracked with timely reminders. The system ensures your vehicles are safe and road ready

Claims Management

Supports all involved parties such as transporters, 3PL operators, freight forwarders, distributors, and manufacturers in transportation to ensure quick and accurate processing of claims by their client

Route Management

Route management has built-in itinerary Management that determines shipment routes and shipping legs for specific requirements with priority sequencing, route visibility, and variable cost features

Vendor Management

Vendor management enables end-to-end process for brokerage to support global and local transport operations seamlessly. This feature can be integrated with rest of the modules and ERP to manage all the vendors

What we can do for you


Consulting for introducing best practices in Fleet Management which include load & trip management, vehicle management, fuel & expenses management, vendor management, claims management, and accounting.


Implement Fleet Management process which includes transport order processing, billing and invoicing, trip planning and scheduling, profitability and performance, planning and scheduling, and maintenance.


Integration with all complementing solutions and data sources which include ERP, WMS, GTMS, GPS equipment, through integration protocol to have a seamless flow of data to make data available on time.


Software solution which is comprehensive, easy to implement, easy to maintain, built on the latest technology stack, empowered by AI/ML, process mining, mobility, API enabled, Cloud Empowered, and with a user friendly interface.

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fruiSCE® FMS is designed to cater services to various industries and the following are a few of them.

Retail & Distribution




Pharma & BioTech


Mining, Oil & Gas

Logistics Services

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