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fruiSCE® Control Tower

The Supply Chain Control Tower is a central hub with advanced technology and processes to capture and use supply chain data to provide enhanced visibility for short and long-term decision making. It is aligned with strategic objectives, analytics, decision-making facility, and processes with external and internal collaboration. Supply chain leaders need support from technology to have the capabilities to stay ahead in the competition. Unlike a typical control tower, fruiSCE® Control Tower provides visibility to trading partners, but it monitors, manages, and controls decisions to be made and execution to be done across functions and across companies to have the entire network reach an optimized state.

fruiSCE® Control Tower is empowered with advanced analytics and cross-platform integration with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities. People, Systems, and Processes are connected in real-time to serve the end consumer. fruiSCE® Control Tower is an advanced control tower that provides real-time visibility, collaboration, and powerful AI capabilities to move beyond from decision-support to decision-making and autonomous control.

Key Benefits

End-to-end visibility

Having access to real-time data, one can have the much needed visibility across the supply chain at any given point in time

Reduce shortages & stock-outs by 90%

As the user is well informed about the available stock, transactions made, and transactions in the pipeline, inventory shortages can be reduced to a great extent.

Reduce expedite costs by 90%

The transportation charges and incremental unit prices incurred as a result of expediting delivery of the material is kept in check and thus reducing the expediting costs

Improved inventory turnover

The efficiency in managing the stock of its goods of an organization can be drastically improved in terms of how many times the inventory has been sold and replaced.

Increase on-time shipments by 100%

As all the processes are perfectly synchronized and the relevant real-time data is available, shipments can be processed and delivered on time.

Quick Decision Making

A one-stop solution with centralized accountability and responsibility for Cost, Quality, and Performance by creating an efficient decision-making system for the management.

Faster Communication

Ability to overlook Manufacturing, Logistics, Planning, Processes, Technology, and the People involved enables the users with faster communication as and when needed.

Better Execution of Strategy

Accurate and timely information powered by Artificial Intelligence models empowers the managers and makes the strategy execution a core competency for the organization.

Key Features

Logistics Visibility

The accurate insights into inbound and outbound shipments with visibility into ASN, deliveries, track and trace, freight flows, and on-time delivery are available in one view that helps to control the entire logistics operations.

Manufacturing Visibility

Real-time information of orders, asset utilization, efficiency, capacity, cycle times, scheduling, and planning is made readily available that enhances the overall manufacturing process and ultimately adds up to manufacturing excellence.

Operational Visibility

Real-time visibility of operational obstacles, exceptions, supply chain risks, shipment delays, expected arrival time, and supply chain disruptions which can affect overall supply chain operations and enable managers for right decisions.

Control View

Predictive control of supply chain disruptions and communications to optimize supply chain decisions and effectiveness. Manage your supply chain proactively and transform it into a sustainable competitive advantage.

Notifications & Alerts

It alerts you for key disturbances and incidents in the supply chain and enables you to take actions, respond immediately, approve requests, revise plans, and execute instructions


fruiSCE® CT facilitates to collaborate in real-time to send instructions and notifications through email/ WhatsApp/ SMS. The concerned manager can take appropriate action and respond in real-time

Simulation & Machine Learning

It allows you to perform simulation for what-if scenarios and take appropriate actions. The key recommendations such as ETA, performance expectations, supply chain uncertainties, and other key predictions can be done by ML engine

Capacity Planning

fruiSCE® CT provides an advanced feature to perform capacity planning for incoming shipments, out going shipments, and other supply chain events through robust capacity planning model

Performance Management

It provides you with complete visibility of performance for all end-to-end supply chain operations which include warehousing, transportation, manufacturing, planning, procurement, and customer service operations

What we can do for you


Consulting to design and develop the Supply Chain Control Tower suitable for the organization to have end-to-end supply chain visibility, alerts & notifications, collaboration, what-if scenarios, process orchestration, and performance management.


Implement Control Tower to monitor and manage the supply chain processes which include all stages of procurement, logistics movement, inventory visibility, manufacturing status, distribution performance, alerts mechanism for thresholds, and capacity planning.


Integration with all complementing solutions and data sources which include ERP, LoB solutions, FMS, TMS, WMS, MES, GTM, GPS, IIoT, and held devices through all integration protocols to have seamless data flow.


Software solution which is comprehensive, easy to implement, easy to maintain, built on the latest technology stack, empowered by AI/ML, process mining, mobility, API enabled, Cloud empowered, and with great user interface.

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Industries for the product

fruiSCE® CT is designed to cater services to various industries and the following are a few of them.


Retail & Distribution





Imports & Exports

ETO Manufacturing

Job Shop Manufacturing

Pharma & BioTech


Mining, Oil & Gas

Animal Feed

Logistics Services

Freight forwarding

Descrete Manufacturing

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