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Thank you for visiting DLI website. I hope you have got a brief overview of what we do and how we help our customers.

I strongly believe that Manufacturing, Logistics, and Supply Chain organizations need to transform their operations digitally and identify new ways to get a competitive advantage. To do so the classical software application implementation is either a costly affair or difficult to achieve. The reason could be the total cost of the transformation being not reasonable or they don’t have resources to go for digital transformation despite the fact that it is the need of the hour. We are happy to help our customers to achieve digital transformation and excellence in strategy execution, supply chain operations, manufacturing, logistics, planning, and performance management. How we do that makes us unique.

We have software solutions for supply chain excellence, logistics excellence, strategy excellence, sitting on top of our ERP solution. We have a strong team of business experts, business analysts, software developers, integration specialists, implementation specialists, and support specialists. This is one-stop-shop for all solutions. This makes us unique as the total cost of ownership for our customers is very affordable.

We have selected the latest technologies for our product development which is a great advantage for our customers as they do not have to worry about upgrades at least for the next ten years. All of our solutions are cloud-based to reduce IT expenditure and complexity.

I am proud to say that all our team members are customer-focused and committed to the delivery of the intended scope with precision. We ensure that our customers achieve the desired results and retain them for the long term. The team has extensive industry experience in a variety of scenarios. The young innovative talent is a great advantage we have who keep on innovating with new ideas to achieve excellence and simplify processes.

I sincerely thank our customers, partners, consultants, advisors, team members who are committed and helping Data Labs India to be a truly world-class organization.


Shaik Abdul Khadar


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