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fruiStrategy® EDGE

fruiStrategy®  EDGE empowers you to execute strategies consistently by linking strategy plan to strategy execution and aligning the whole organization actions towards strategic direction. You can establish robust strategy execution process empowered by plug and play modules to achieve overall organizational transformation in a systems driven approach.

It is a comprehensive strategy execution solution built on Dr. Kaplan & Dr. Norton’s Execution Premium Methodology and powered by proven best practices in OKR, Project Management, Risk Management, Strategy Planning, People Performance, Budgeting, and Organizational Performance.

fruiStrategy®  EDGE enables you to integrate all systems to record actual performance of measures, perform strategy review meetings effectively, review cause and effects of strategic outcomes against measures, link business planning, budgeting, and operational planning processes. The solution can be integrated with all complementing solutions and can help an organization as a platform for strategy transformation.

Key Benefits

Get everything needed for strategy execution

All tools, business processes, review processes, alignment processes, performance management processes required for strategy execution on one platform.

Holistic approach for strategy execution process

Comprehensive solution enabling strategy execution through proven methodology “Execution Premium (XPP)” of Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Norton and Objectives and Key Results (OKR) Methodology.

Define strategy through strategy map & balanced scorecard

Define Balanced Scorecard, perspectives, themes, strategic objectives, measures, targets, and ownership with appropriate performance reporting.

Align with Objectives & Key Results (OKR)

Define Objectives, Key Activities, and Results and monitor continuously to achieve results with proper strategy execution mechanism.

Best practice definition of measures and KPIs

Access to Industry best practices and KPIs which can be used to define measures for strategic objectives properly.

Benchmarking of targets

Analyse performance with targets versus actuals against each measure with benchmark with other business units, industry performance, and ideal target numbers.

Integrated initiative management process

Manage strategic initiatives with reporting of progress on periodic basis for weekly, monthly, quarterly with progress on schedule and cost.

Strategy reviews & emerging strategies

Manage strategy review meetings with the information available at hand and report all reviews, analysis, and action points during the meeting and communicate to all key stakeholders.

Robust alignment of the organization

Align organization with corporate to business unit, support services, business processes, strategic objectives, measures and manage the progress of alignment index.

Excellence in project management operations

Manage enterprise PMO operations with proper definition of portfolios, programs, projects, and link them to strategic management process in an integrated way.

Avert risks and focus on strategic success

Identify and manage risks and eliminate them in the strategy execution. Improve risk control through proper budget allocations.

Manage Personal scorecards

Report personal performance and make sure that the people are aligned to the organization. Measuring happiness index and alignment is the key for strategy execution.

Manage compliance needs

Manage all compliance requirements through one setup and get regular alerts to revise compliance and other statutory requirements.

Monitor Organizational Performance

Get the overall organizational performance and continuously review the overall performance index to help see the direction strategically.

Link Strategy Planning to Execution

Perform strategy analysis with all best practices and identify strategy indicators to link to the strategy execution to test the hypothesis continuously.

Perform Budgeting Process

Perform operational and capital expenses to arrive at projected financial statements in alignment with strategy and business plan.

Key Features

Strategic Planning & Analysis

Strategy Analysis is the part of strategy planning process and must be linked to strategy execution. The module allows to link strategy plan to execution. All key strategy analysis tools are present in the solution which include SWOT, PESTEL, Porters 5 Force Analysis, cause & effect, scanning, and others.

Strategic Projections & Value Gap Analysis

Maintain strategic projections by product group or service groupwise and identify the ways to close the value gaps through strategic initiatives, objectives, and other strategic actions.

Strategy Mapping

Strategy map is the key component of strategy execution depicts cause and effect linkage of strategic objectives. Strategy map can be linked to cause and effect analysis. Overall organizational strategy map, business unit strategy map, departmental strategy maps can be maintained in an integrated way.

Balanced Scorecard

Balanced Scorecard is a framework that translates an organization’s strategy into a set of objectives, measures, and aligns the organization to them though it’s planning and control processes. Define perspectives, themes, objectives, measures, initiatives, budget, and ownership.

Strategic Alignment of Processes, People, System, and Structure

Define alignment of strategic objectives, business processes, people, systems, and structure of all organizational units which include corporate offices, business units, support units, departments of business units.

Strategic Alignment of Corporate units with Business units

Define alignment of corporate unit strategic objectives and business unit objectives, align initiatives, align departments of business unit to support units of HR, Finance, IT, and other corporate support units.

Objectives & Key Results

Define Objectives, Key Activities, and desired Results (OKR) for business units and corporate units to achieve excellence in achieving OKR results as part of strategy execution in alignment with BSC framework.

Industry Best Practice KPIs

Key Performance Indicator is a measurable value that determines how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives. KPIs are use at multiple levels to evaluate their success. These KPIs may focus on the overall performance and process in departments of an organization. “fruiStrategy” can provide to create KPIs along with default KPIs.

Initiative Management

Strategic Initiatives are clearly focused on closing performance gaps defined by the strategy. One initiative is not enough to execute a strategy. It requires a set of initiatives. “fruiStrategy” helps organizations to align “Initiatives” to different “Strategic Objective” which are focused on achieving the strategic objectives.

Strategic Review and Updates

“fruiStrategy” allows you to save the story of themes, objectives, and initiatives which are in the standardized format. Objective/theme/initiative story provides a way to view selected Strategic objective/theme/initiative and related information all together, track data over time, and share the results with various recipients by saving data.

Link to Business Planning & Budgeting

Link strategic projections to business planning and find out the best fit for strategic alignment. The complete budgeting process can be driven by strategic projections to come up with financial statements as part of budgeting process.

Enterprise Project Management Office

Manage all portfolios, programs, and projects with linkage to balanced scorecard and strategic objectives. The scoring mechanism of evaluating the performance of individual projects, programs, and portfolios can be maintained and also report the periodic performances.

Enterprise Risk Management

Identify risks of strategic, operational, and tactical nature. Identify and maintain risk mitigation and risk management strategies with budget allocations. Periodical review of risk status can help organization to avert risks properly.

Compliance Management

Manage all compliance requirements and their renewal requirements through well organized calendar with scheduled dates, reminders, attached documents and formats, ownership of compliance management.

Communications & Alerts

All strategic communication and alerts can be managed properly through alerts mechanism. The emails and text messages can be sent as information, reminders, and follow up actions. The actions can be closed and list of open points can be reviewed periodically.

Performance Dashboards & Reports

Review performance dashboards for initiatives, measures, risks, value gap analysis, and reports for balanced scorecard performance. The reports can be monitored for initiatives, measures, objectives, and overall balanced scorecard.

Strategy Refresh

The emerging strategies and strategic directions can be monitored closely and any changes in the strategic directions can be updated through strategy refresh mechanism.

Data Integration

The measure values for actuals can be reported through various data sources which include ERP, budgeting system, Line of business systems, and manual excel sheets.

User & Security Management

The user management can be defined to control the access to all modules, sessions, reports with proper security management. Required permissions to the modules as desired.


Perform operational budgets with general ledgers, cost centres, profit centres, fund centres, department, WBS, and driver-based models. Perform capital expense budgets and projected financial statements.

Technology Empowered

The system is powered by process mining, artificial intelligence & machine learning models, IoT integrations, and RPA to deliver integrations, intelligent notifications, and performance analysis.

How it is done
Step 1
Develop Strategy

Perform strategy analysis, validate strategic choices, and formulate strategy to take the organization from current state to future state

Step 2
Translate Strategy

Translate strategy into strategy maps, balanced scorecard, initiatives, and fund them to executive desired results and key capabilities

Step 3
Align Strategy

Align everything in the organization including corporate units, business units, people, systems, processes, and everything else

Step 4
Plan Operations

Plan operations to achieve key process improvements, integrated demand and supply plans, budget, tactical and operational plans

Step 5

Execute operations efficiently and effectively, and complete projects successfully to achieve desired results and business growth

Step 6
Monitor & Learn

Monitor the business through effective strategy review to ensure strategy execution and alignments and efficient operational reviews

Step 7
Test & Adapt

Test the strategic assumptions regularly with the results to achieve strategic outcomes and quickly identify and adopt emerging strategies

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What we can do for you


Consulting for all steps in strategy execution which include strategy planning, strategy translation, strategy reviews, PMO processes, risk management, strategy refresh, personal scorecards and others.


Implementation of strategy execution process aligning with all best practices which include Execution Premium, OKR, Enterprise PMO, Enterprise Risk Management, Personal Scorecards, and Strategy Analysis tools.


Integration with all complementing solutions and data sources to have seamless flow of data to make data available on time to enable better decision making.


Software solution which is comprehensive, easy to implement, easy to maintain empowered by latest technologies which include AI/ML, process mining, mobility, API enabled.

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