Why do we need WMS software on top of ERP?

Why do we need WMS over ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning and Warehouse Management System are the backbone systems to any distribution center, wholesale, supply chain, or FMCG business. Without them, these businesses wouldn’t be able to function.

What is ERP software?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a business management software that integrates key areas and automates business processes across all departments of an organization like purchases, sales, marketing, human resources, services, inventory, financial management, etc., and it improves the flow of information across the organization.  ERP has some functionality to handle warehouse management processes that have less complexity.

What is WMS software?

warehouse management system (WMS) is a software application, designed to support warehouse or distribution center management and staff. These applications can manage the various operations, tasks, and activities of moderate to complex warehouse or distribution centers.

Why do we need Warehouse Management Systems over an ERP?

All Warehouses are not the same and in the same way, all Warehouses Management Systems are not the same. An ERP supports a warehouse to an extent, if the warehouse process is less complex then we need to go with a specialized WMS to a warehouse.  We can classify the warehouse into five different levels as below:

Level1 –Store Room

Level 2 –Rudimentary Locator

Level 3 –Advanced Locator

Level 4 –Intelligent

Level 5 -Automated

Level 1 – Store Room:

  • Minimal usage of Technology
  • Less Complexity
  • Inventory is typically stored in single location and locations are predefined
  • Operations are performed manually

Level 2 – Rudimentary Locator

  • Usage technology for tracking pallets
  • Multi location inventory
  • Put away, receiving and minimal put way options
  • Operations are performed manually

Level 3 – Advanced Locator

  • Increasing warehouse Complexity
  • Receiving , put away, packing shipping and inventory managed options
  • Support of RF devices
  • Focus on improving warehouse performance

Level 4 – Intelligent

  • More people-driven processes both in operations and back-office roles
  • Operations are typically more complex and sophisticated with higher volumes.
  • Requires robust decision support to optimize operations
  • Advance level of picking, replenishment.

Level 5 – Automated

  • Highly automated warehouses operations
  • Design are driven by engineering firms
  • Specialized systems are required.
Right Arrow: Specialized WMS Operations support
Source Gartner- 2014

What can we expect from advanced and specialized WMS?

  1. Mobile Productivity
  2. License Plate Management
  3. Collaboration
  4. Multi Usage Platform
  5. Real-Time Information
  6. Advanced Receiving
  7. Event Management
  8. Advanced Put-away Optimization
  9. Advanced Pick and Pack
  10. Advanced Shipping

fruiSCE® Warehouse Management is a comprehensive solution to address the key warehousing challenges through advanced technology enablers and covers all end to end business processes seamlessly through a paperless system. fruiSCE™ WMS is empowered with Artificial Intelligence algorithms and integrations with IoT devices and is suitable for all kinds of warehouse order fulfilment operations which include retail, manufacturing, 3PL, e-commerce, and distribution center. The solution covers mobile productivity (voice & scan), license plate management, event management, real-time analytics, and operational metrics.