SUPPLY CHAIN CONTROL TOWER (Supply chain challenges – Necessity – Next steps)

SUPPLY CHAIN CONTROL TOWER (Supply chain challenges – Necessity – Next steps)
SUPPLY CHAIN CONTROL TOWER (Supply chain challenges – Necessity – Next steps)

Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex with never ending customer expectations of delivery, quality, and costs. Developing competitive supply chains and managing them through robust business processes, systems, and people is a daunting task for organizations.

Following are few key challenges of supply chain organizations:

  • Complexity in managing supply chain due to diversified customer base with expectations of quality, delivery, and costs
  • Planning and managing outsourced partners of supply chain functions such as manufacturing, freight etc., and problem of poor visibility
  • Asian markets are expanding into global supply chains and problem with limited know-how of global operations and supply chain setup
  • Internal and external risks across supply chains with poor visibility, regulations and alignment
  • Lack of experience and know-how in logistics and supply chain operations of small and medium enterprises and lack of well implemented enterprise systems makes supply chains inefficient
  • Lack of inclination to reduce logistics costs due to low volumes and in sufficient investment for optimizing supply chains especially for SMEs make supply chains inefficient
  • Disparate information systems without proper integrations, poor master data readiness, and manual supply chain planning processes consume lot of time and efforts of people
  • Lack of update of knowledge and best practices for people who operate supply chains in planning or operations create problem in responsiveness and efficiency

Supply chain control tower can solve the problems in supply chain management. Supply chain managers will be very glad to have the capabilities of control tower to attend overwhelming problems, simplify decision making, and reduce firefighting.  

Capability of supply chain control tower:

  • Control tower can provide you notification facility which can alert you if anything got missed in supply chain i.e., system can send an alert if any delay in import supplier production lot to make any alternative arrangements to avoid stock-outs. Exception messages in case of any custom clearance issues, damages, or any other constraints. If any process controls are out of specification then the alert can be immediately notified to the concerted manager for taking necessary action.
  • Simulation capabilities makes you to perform what-if analysis on the go and enjoy the power of predictive analytics and machine learning to do problem foresee the things what could happen either in demand management or meeting customer service levels.
  • Supply chain control tower can enable all supply chain stake holders both internal and external to quickly taking decisions and executing plans. Any plans can get revised and it will be notified to all relevant members and seek their inputs. 
  • Capacity planning can be done with advance shipment notifications feature both for inbound and outbound logistics. 
  • The performance metrics for key processes can be monitored continuously with single source of reporting across supply chain to enable meaningful dialogue among all the executives.
  • Finally there will be some adjustment in the roles of supply chain team by introducing control tower operators who can support all leaders by managing the control towers.

Type of view you can get through control tower:

fruiSCE™ Control Tower is an advanced solution to provide real-time visibility, collaboration and powerful decision support capability powered by AI and IoT.  fruiSCETM Control Tower can make your supply chain agile and highly competitive to deliver the value.  It is capable of integrating with multiple systems seamlessly and push for proactive decision support to the supply chain leaders.

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