Optimizing Putaway and Picking processes in Warehouse Operations


Putaway refers to consolidated activities carried out right from the initial receipt of stock until it is stocked at the designated location. An effective Putaway process is crucial as accurate control over it leads to timely order fulfillment avoiding any possible delay. The prime objective of the Putaway process is to move the stock to the most optimal warehouse storage location that results in stock being stored faster, reduction in warehouse travel distance, optimal warehouse space utilization, stock being easy to track, and quick retrieval during Picking.

fruiSCE® WMS offers a wide range of Putaway strategies to optimize your Putaway process and the following are a few;

Manual Putaway: In this strategy, the system does not search for a storage bin. The warehouse worker searches for the appropriate bin based on storage type, material and the data about the storage bin is manually entered into the transfer order.

Fixed Bin Storage: This strategy is used in storage types where picking is done manually. A fixed storage bin is defined in the master record and the products are stored in the fixed bin.

Open Storage: In open storage, we define a single storage bin for a storage section, and for each storage type, we can define one or more open storage sections. Thereafter, the system uses this putaway strategy to find a storage bin in the open storage section.

Add to Existing Stock: This strategy adds the products in storage bins that already contain the same type of material. First, the system searches for a storage bin in which the material is already stored and checks for the availability of sufficient capacity. If it cannot find the storage bin enough capacity and the same type of material storage, it proceeds to search for the next empty bin. One should be aware that the FIFO picking strategy is violated if this putaway strategy is used.

Next Empty Storage Bin: This Putaway strategy suits randomly organized warehouses for high rack storage and shelf storage and the system suggests the next available empty bin for the products to be stored.

Near Picking Bin: This strategy is used when the products are to be placed in a reserve storage area. The system uses this strategy to search for a reserve storage area that is the closest to the fixed storage area of the product.

Unit Type Storage: The system processes different storage unit types and allocates them to the appropriate section. A storage bin is divided into multiple sections and the same storage unit types are placed in the bin. When the goods are transferred into the storage bin, the system determines what type of sectioning is assigned to the bin and the capacity it can hold.

Bulk Storage: This strategy is generally used for materials that consume a lot of space in storage. By doing so, the need for physical storage bins is reduced, access to containers is quicker, and the warehouse structure can be significantly improved.

Automation of the processes helps eliminate labor-intensive processes, reduce cost, and a tangible rise in efficiency. fruiSCE® WMS enhances the productivity of the Putaway process by directing the users in the most efficient path. Thus, the goods in the Warehouse move faster with minimal resources. An effectively managed Putaway process enhances the warehouse operation and positively impacts many factors such as storage capacity, short-shipped orders, canceled orders, prevent damage to inventory, eliminating congestion in the warehouse, and more.


While other operations in the warehouse can be automated, the Picking process remains manual at large. Though we can involve technology to help the pickers, the technology itself can not replace them. The ultimate goal is to achieve order fulfillment in minimal time. An order picker has to spend most time traveling from one product to the other on the list and this time utilization has to be efficient. fruiSCE® WMS, an advanced system offers picking path optimization and also ensures employee safety.

As the demand increases, maintaining efficient operations is critical to any warehouse in order to meet and exceed customer expectations. Simplified methods may work well for small entities, but as the company grows, more efficient ways of Putaway, sorting, and Picking are much needed. fruiSCE® WMS offers a wide range of Picking strategies and the following are a few;

First In, First Out (FIFO): The system calculates the length of time in the storage of a product based on the goods receipt date. When a transfer order is created, the system automatically chooses the oldest product in the lot and fetches it to be picked on priority.

Last In, First Out (LIFO): When the LIFO strategy is used, the system searches for a product from the stock that has been added most recently. The best example is the building material stored in a warehouse and any new stock will be added to the existing old one. When an order is placed, the most recent stock is picked based on the requirement.

Fixed Storage Bin: Based on the data entered in master data, the user can choose a particular bin from which the products can be picked.

Shelf Life Expiration Date: For industries such as retail and groceries, the materials can be stored on the shelf only till the sell-by date. The same applies to chemicals and related raw materials that can be kept only till they reach the tolerance level. This strategy enables the user to pick the materials based on the Shelf Life Expiration Date.

Partial Quantities: Pickers can reduce the number of storage units with partial quantities and the partial quantities picking strategy is the way to achieve it. Instead of picking all the quantities from one storage unit, the system proposes to pick the same type of products from different storage units.

Relevant to Quantity: This strategy is largely based on the quantity of the goods large or small. The system determines whether the order quantity is small or large. Thereafter, it suggests picking the goods from a storage bin if the quantity is small or from reserve storage if the quantity is large.

As one of the most reliable Warehouse Management Systems in the market, fruSCE® WMS is powered by AI and Process Mining. The solution enables you with faster warehouse operations with its latest and technology-empowered Putaway and Picking strategies.