Optimize your Fleet Operations with Best Practices in fruiSCE FMS (Part-2)

Plan for preventive vehicle maintenance

Routine maintenance can prevent expensive repairs for fleet owners such as engine overhauling, gearbox repair, rear axle overhauling, battery replacement, water pump, radiator, and stub axle replacement.

Proper preventative maintenance minimizes unexpected costs and the maintenance manager can understand when to replace. You can use your vehicle until breakdowns arrive and then schedule its maintenance, but as your vehicle gets older you will experience more breakdowns, resulting in unexpected delays in operations. If you have major breakdowns or repairs, the driver may not be able to drive the vehicle for days or weeks, thus reducing orders from customers and revenue.

fruiSCE® Fleet Management System maintains the service history of the vehicle and provides continuous alerts prior to the breakdown, which helps keep your fleet and revenue healthy.

Maintenance Process

  • Schedule preventive maintenance by adding required information
  • Plan the resources like spare parts allocation, Assigning technicians, work order creation
  • Maintain work order for each service by adding required information
  • Record all time stamps of each activity in the maintenance process

Manage your inventory

Effective spare parts maintenance is to ensure that the right spare parts are in the right place at the right time. Keeping too much availability can lead to huge storage or maintaining short can stop the maintenance process. So effective and balanced maintenance of spare parts plays a major role in maintenance.

fruiSCE® Fleet Management System helps you to conduct a regular review of the inventory to find out stock levels. If you have additional stock or imbalanced stock this module will manage the stock and excess inventory costs can be reduced. It has an inventory management strategy that helps balance management schedules and planning and minimizes stockout issues for emergency service.

Inventory Management Process

  • Create your purchase order with the supplier to receive products from the supplier with Purchase Order
  • Maintain the details of receiving spare parts from supplier against the purchase order
  • View available inventory in a respective warehouse with inventory module
  • Maintain history of entire Spare parts transactions with Inventory Transaction History
  • Raise transfer order from one location to another location with Inventory Transfer
  • Adjust Spare parts by adding or reducing the item with Adjustments
  • Audit Spare parts accuracy and reconcile errors with cycle counting

Reduce fuel consumption and cost

Fuel is one of the major fluctuating costs for fleet companies that change the overall operating budget. Reasoning that the fleet owner does not waste time or money on unoptimized routes which lead to high traffic or inconvenient routes to drive. Fleet owners require huge historical data to identify the fuel wastage and fluctuations in cost.

fruiSCE® Fleet Management System provides reliable information on fuel fluctuations, average fuel consumption by vehicle or driver, fuel sensor integration, fuel consumption, sudden fuel reduction or alerts about fuel tank leaks, and short-term fuel cost savings by identifying the average fuel consumption.

Fuel Management

  • Maintain all vehicle’s fuel expenses history with respective trips
  • Facility to enter fuel details manually
  • Facility to integrate fuel sensors and monitor fuel fluctuations

Fuel Card Integration

It is very difficult to monitor fuel costs until the driver visits and submits a receipt after each trip. fruiSCE® FMS offers Fleet Fuel Card integration to collect fuel consumption data instantly, which saves your time and helps you monitor your fuel budget. It helps to get the most accurate reports to know the fuel fluctuations.

Incident Management

Unfortunate incidents may occur during transportation and the fleet owners need to maintain appropriate rules and procedures to deal with incidents at their very best. An operational manager should give proper training to drivers to provide immediate information at the time of accidents immediately as they happen.

fruiSCE® fleet management provides the facility to maintain incident details and track geolocation and record photos of the damage. It has a mobile application where drivers can alert nearby drivers and the operational manager. It maintains insurance details, claims, FIR/case follow-up, survey details, repair or replacement detection, and incident closure details.

Track and control your vehicle with GPS

A geographic Information system (GPS) is capable of acquiring, storing, and analyzing real-time or post-processed data of the vehicle. It calculates the driver’s speed and determines the location and sends alerts when the driver crosses the geofencing. fruiSCE® Fleet Management System offers the facility to integrate GPS. It captures the real-time data and creates a new database in the FMS system so that the operations manager can track the vehicle’s information.

fruiSCE® Fleet Management empowers you to achieve world-class fleet operations with optimum efficiency and utilization of resources, and improve profitability.  You can efficiently manage loads, trips, and resources (fleet, drivers, fuel, etc.) to meet and exceed service levels. All necessary enabling processes such as statutory requirements, claims, spare parts, accounting, and integrations are taken care of effectively. Integrate with ERP, TMS, and GPS solutions seamlessly. Enable Artificial Intelligence & Process Mining to improve the performance of fleet planning & operations.