Optimize your Fleet Operations with Best Practices in fruiSCE FMS (Part-1)

Achieve Customer Satisfaction with on-time delivery

The main motive of any transportation company is customer satisfaction. Adequate resources like trucks, loads, drivers, and equipment do not meet customer needs. Transferring their load properly and delivering it on time plays a key role in their satisfaction. To achieve this, the fleet owner requires a solution that helps to oversee the end-to-end process of transportation.

fruiSCE® Fleet Management system offers load and trip management, which helps in handling bulk orders from customers and systematically manages the entire trip with a variety of features like resources allocation, itinerary, advance to driver by cash or card, and accurate time stamps, and finally, give the trip settlement report. With these activities, the operational manager will be able to oversee the entire trip activities which help to ascertain downtime in delivery. Along with trip management, the system to generates revenue information from customer and expenses details on each trip in the form of tax, toll, general, and fuel expenses and reduce expenses during daily trips.

Load Management Process

  • Create orders from customers or integrate the data from ERP, MES, WMS, and other solutions.
  • Auto vehicle allocation based on availability.
  • Manage multiple orders
  • Raise POD, Proforma Invoice, and manage all load-related documents.

Trip Management Process

  • Allocation of resources like the vehicle, container, driver, and cleaner and get confirmation from the operational manager to proceed
  • Itinerary optimization and sending trip info through the mail, WhatsApp, or normal message to the assigned driver and cleaner for their confirmation
  • Get a response from the driver and codriver to know their confirmation
  • Recording advance to drivers and making payments through payment gateway
  • Recording timestamps of every activity by driver and cleaner for the entire trip
  • Recording all expenses info in the entire trip such as fuel, tax, toll, and general expenses
  • Settlement of driver expenses
  • Maintaining takeover and handover time stamps for loading and unloading actives
  • Maintaining end-to-end documents like invoices, pod, and bills of the expenses

Manage and track your Vehicles and Drivers

Maintaining a large fleet company makes it difficult to track a large number of vehicles and drivers because it contains huge amounts of information such as purchase orders, warranties, insurance information, depreciation, and other documents that can help determine how well your assets are performing. Understanding and tracking your asset performance can help you to make decisions on which vehicle you are spending the most, when should you replace your vehicle with a new one, in which segment you are earning the most, and so on.

fruiSCE® Fleet Management System has the facility to manage a vast history of vehicles and drivers that helps to know the performance, replacement of vehicle and driver, send the alerts for service, and document renewals. The driver’s behavior scorecard lets you know the best or worst driver and the management can send drivers for the best training to reduce the inefficient driving practice.

Vehicle Management

  • Maintain and track all vehicles in the organization
  • Record all available vehicles to assign unplanned trips
  • GPS integration facility
  • Has the facility to add odometer details for each vehicle manually

Driver Management

  • Maintain and track all drivers in the organization
  • Record all available drivers and co-drivers to assign unplanned trips
  • Maintain all driver transferred details who are moved from one place to another.
  • Score driver behavior by gathering his driving details from GPS

fruiSCE® Fleet Management empowers you to achieve world-class fleet operations with optimum efficiency and utilization of resources, and improve profitability.  You can efficiently manage loads, trips, and resources (fleet, drivers, fuel, etc.) to meet and exceed service levels. All necessary enabling processes such as statutory requirements, claims, spare parts, accounting, and integrations are taken care of effectively. Integrate with ERP, TMS, and GPS solutions seamlessly. Enable Artificial Intelligence & Process Mining to improve the performance of fleet planning & operations.