The Five new adaptions in Blockchain Technologies

The Five new adaptions in Blockchain Technologies

Block Chain:

Block Chain is a digital ledger which provides a secure way to do transactions. Blockchain can store the transactions across the network which is decentralized. It has digital currency exchanges and it follows secure transactions. I am sharing five blockchain adaptions which will be used to develop applications in the blockchain.

Here are some widely used technology upgradations


  1. Big ChainDB – Version 2.0

Big ChainDB is an open Source database first released in February 2016. Big ChainDB is one of the essential technology in the blockchain. It has a key feature of scalability and other blockchain related features like Immutability, Decentralized transactions. This technology combines a distributed database Mongo DB and Byzantine fault tolerant.

The latest version is Big ChainDB 2.0 works on JSON string. To complete the transaction specifications filled with keys and values. A good platform to create Proof of concepts in a wide range of industries.                                                     

  1. Hyperledger – Version 1.1.1 

Hyperledger is a blockchain tool, it is an open source collaborative used to develop private permission blockchain networks. Hyperledger is created by Linux foundation in December 2016 later it framework was developed by IBM as Hyper Ledger Fabric tool.

It is used to develop Poc’s, applications in various industries such as finance & Banking, Supply chain, Health Care, Government etc.,  The new version has a key feature that it provides documentation and test coverage improvements.


Hyperledger Latest Version Date of release
Frame work Hyperledger Burrow v0.20.1 18/08/2018
HyperledgerFabric v1.1.1 8/7/2018
Hyperledger Indy v1.6.2 14/07/2018
Hyperledger Iroha v1..0.0 4/8/2018
Hyperledger sawtooth v1.0.5 30/07/2018
Tools Hyperledger Caliper v1.1.0 30/04/2018
Hyperledger cello v0.8.0 28/03/2018
Hyperledger composer v0.20.0 10/8/2018


  1. Ethereum

Ethereum is an open software platform it creates a lot of valuable ideas to develop the blockchain applications aggressively. The important thing in Ethereum mostly focused on blockchain application called smart contract. Smart contracts without the involvement of third party interference can be done by ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is a powerful shared global infrastructure the value can move around worldwide.

  1. Ethereum has created a contact-oriented and new language for smart contracts called ‘Solidity’. Solidity simply a puzzle based cryptocurrency.


Ethereum Latest Version Date of release
Technologies Geth v1.7.3 21/11/2018
Parity v2..0.1 31/7/2018
embark v3.1.9 15/8/2018
swarm v1.8.13 1/8/2018
Tools web3.js v1.0..0 25/7/2018
solidity v0.4.24 16/5/2018
meta mask v4.9.2 10/802018


  1. Chain Core – Version v1.2

Chain Core is a blockchain platform used for transferring and controlling financial assets on a permission blockchain infrastructure. Chain core has developer edition for free and the enterprise edition to meet up business needs while it is a commercial product.

Each network has secured by a ‘block signers’. The chain core blockchain technology includes in smart contracts, securities, Rewards.

  1. Corda – Version R3 Corda V3.2

Corda is an open source blockchain technology specially designed to control on nodes. The first distributed ledger platform with a pluggable consensus to strict privacy. These can be run by Java language with some applications as Smart contracts.

The new adaption of V3.2 we are shipping a graphical network bootstrapping tool, no external databases.




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