Energy Management in Manufacturing Execution System

The need to pay attention to efficient management of energy has become more significant as the costs have rocketed high in recent times. Manufacturing organizations are no exception if they are to engage in sustainable operations. Unarguably, the factory floor is the major consumer of energy and fruiSCE® Manufacturing Execution System makes energy management decision-making easier than ever before.

fruiSCE® MES deals with three important factors which are  Energy Plan, Actual Consumption, and Billed Amount to efficiently manage the energy. Energy Plan includes planned machine hours, planned energy consumption rate, routing, planned production quantity, and units in which the energy is measured. But the actuals will not be the same most of the time and they include actual machine hours that can be derived by integrating energy meters to the machines, actual production quantity, and actual energy consumption. Once the billed amount is received, the billed machine-hours, billed energy consumption per machine are made consistent with the standards.

Upon reconciliation, all the possible gaps are identified and targets are set to achieve efficiency in energy consumption. With enough information at hand and the crucial job done, the entire process can be optimized to reduce energy consumption. Optimization includes minimal usage of a machine that consumes more energy, efficient operation of machines, effective routing, and so forth. Once this whole process is completed, the standards that are previously set are revised to ultimately achieve efficient energy management.

fruiSCE® Manufacturing Execution provides critical information and a holistic view of energy usage and thus it can be effectively managed. Most manufacturers are set to pay more once the energy usage has reached the limit allotted for the day. Having this information dynamically connected to MES, the manager can take the decision of slowing down the production to avoid huge surcharges.

Production runs, scheduling flexibility, and delivery times would be complex decisions to make for an individual, but they can be effectively and efficiently made with the help of MES. A few core functionalities of fruiSCE® Manufacturing Execution are to monitor the energy usage in real-time, balance the considerations, and schedule the production runs accordingly. Each production run has a different energy requirement and they should be scheduled to take the advantage of peak hour and off-peak hour charges and this is complicated to be done manually. fruiSCE®  Manufacturing Execution System does it effortlessly and all the other prominent factors are perfectly balanced to achieve excellence.