Supply Chain Management

How License Plate Number (LPN) Process can make Warehouse Operations Better and Faster

License plating is a barcode reader system that groups together any set of materials or products and marks it with a unique number i.e., License [...]

Introduction of Reference Models for Digital Manufacturing Platforms

Industry 4.0 can generate new business models and increase the efficiency of manufacturing processes by making use of relevant disruptive technologies to [...]

Overview of Reference Architecture Model Industrie 4.0 (RAMI 4.0)

The RAMI 4.0, Reference Architecture Model Industrie 4.0 (Industry 4.0), is developed by the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' [...]

Artificial Intelligence applications in Fleet Management

Nowadays many industries are aware of Artificial Intelligence, which is the duplication of human intelligence processes by machines. After doing a lot of [...]

Best Practice KPIs in Fleet Management System

Key Performance indicator helps to identify the issues before they become hectic. It is difficult to know how fleet managers can make things better if [...]

A Fleet Management System for every 3PL Provider

Every 3PL manager wants to manage his various customers and vendors with timely communication and efficient service. To achieve this, he requires accurate, [...]

Optimize your Fleet Operations with Best Practices in fruiSCE FMS (Part-2)

Plan for preventive vehicle maintenance Routine maintenance can prevent expensive repairs for fleet owners such as engine overhauling, gearbox repair, rear [...]

Optimize your Fleet Operations with Best Practices in fruiSCE FMS (Part-1)

Achieve Customer Satisfaction with on-time delivery The main motive of any transportation company is customer satisfaction. Adequate resources like trucks, [...]

An Ideal Fleet Management System for Fleet Owners

Every fleet manager wants to have accurate, appropriate and consistent data which is amongst the top priorities to manage their fleet operations with [...]

Optimizing Putaway and Picking processes in Warehouse Operations

PUTAWAY: Putaway refers to consolidated activities carried out right from the initial receipt of stock until it is stocked at the designated location. An [...]