Strategy & Performance Management

Introduction to Objectives & Key Results (OKR)

OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. It is a collaborative goal-setting protocol for companies, teams, and individuals. OKRs are not a silver [...]

Linking People Performance to Strategy Execution (Balanced Scorecard Approach)

Aligning people's performance to the strategy makes the strategy execution process more complete. Personal Balanced Scorecard translated your long-term [...]

Role of the Leadership Team in Strategy Execution

Why do organizations fail to get results from Strategy Execution Initiatives especially, Balanced Scorecard programs? No executive leadership and ownership [...]

Linking Strategy to Operations (Balanced Scorecard Approach)

The strategy has to drive the business and hence the business processes and operations should be aligned to the strategy. If we don’t do a proper alignment [...]

Compliance Management in a Balanced Scorecard approach

Compliance management is the process of ensuring activities across the organization are in line with laws, regulations, and requirements. Requirements are set [...]

Risk Management in a Balanced Scorecard approach:

Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing, and controlling threats to an organization’s capital and earnings. These risks could stem from a [...]

Strategic Project Management Office’s role in Strategy Execution

Identifying, initiating, and managing strategic initiatives is an essential part of strategy execution. The strategies get executed and the value gap is [...]

Aligning Organizational Units to the Strategy (Balanced Scorecard)

The alignment of organizational units is a very important part of the overall strategy execution process.  The corporate units should be aligned to the [...]

Strategy Focused Organization (SFO) Readiness Assessment:

How do you determine the organization’s ability to execute strategy?  To answer the question, we need to understand how a strategy-focused organization [...]

Strategy Review Process in a Balanced Scorecard

Once you have the Balanced Scorecard mechanism in place with proper identification of strategic objectives, measures, targets, and supporting initiatives, the [...]