Best Practice KPIs in Fleet Management System

Key Performance indicator helps to identify the issues before they become hectic. It is difficult to know how fleet managers can make things better if they don’t have proper benchmarks. That is why every successful organization will set some good metrics to keep its fleet operations running smoothly. Keeping proper KPIs for fleet management operations is one of the best ways to improve your operation’s productivity, and cost control, and also it will help to track the performance benchmarks to compare current data with historical performance. It is a very critical component for every fleet manager to know whether the performance of their operations is developing properly or not.

Every Fleet manager should know the most important KPIs that should be included in their measurement plan. Below are a few of the KPI indicators to track and measure the success of every fleet operation.

  • Optimal Vehicle Replacement Targets            
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Vehicle Breakdowns
  • Maintenance Downtime
  • Identifying abnormal vehicle usage
  • Monitor Driver behavior
  • Vehicle and Driver Idle time targets
  • Reduce fuel cost
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduce inventory cost and theft percentage

How fruiSCE Fleet Management can help the fleet managers with proper KPIs? Below are a few of the KPIs that can improve an organization’s performance.

Fuel Cost:

Fuel cost is one of the major and unavoidable costs in every fleet operation. But proper monitoring of fuel usage and its expenses is a major thing to manage fuel costs. fruiSCE fleet management system sets KPI for fuel consumption which involves monitoring fuel consumption levels, route plan, and driver behavior. It is very difficult to track fuel consumption with fuel paper receipts or with manual entries. fruiSCE has a facility for driver input fuel entries from mobile or web applications that saves time and analyzes the fuel cost trends.

It has driver behavior and route plan KPIs where the fleet owners can observe the optimized routes that help to reduce fuel usage and manage drivers who misuse the fuel or try to theft it with abnormal fluctuations in fuel levels.

Vehicle Utilization and Replacement:

Keeping vehicle utilization refers to information regarding whether a company utilizes its entire assets properly and generates efficient profit. Assigned/ unsigned vehicles, idle vehicles, and vehicles under maintenance are the important KPIs to monitor. fruiSCE fleet management has these KPIs where the fleet owners can monitor whether all their vehicles are utilized properly or kept idle for a longer period. It has a facility to monitor the maintenance KPIs that help track how much he is spending on repairs and replacing idle vehicles and set a realistic budget.

Vehicle Breakdowns – Maintenance:

Most of the time, fleet owners suffer from an unexpected breakdown and cannot operate the business smoothly. A high rate of sudden vehicle breakdowns will be an indication that maintenance planning and scheduling are inefficient and need to be modified. fruiSCE fleet management system has a number of KPIs that optimize fleet maintenance schedule, it helps to understand the total number of breakdowns and determine the root cause and prevent them with proper details.

Satisfy with proper customer service:

Average order delivery time measures the time it takes for the service provider to respond to customer requests. Customers will be satisfied with on-time delivery when the company needs to reduce the average order delivery time so that customers can build faith in your business. fruiSCE fleet management has KPIs such as on-time delivery, early delivery, and late delivery using which the manager can determine the root cause for late deliveries and make decisions to improve the operations. This leads to improvement in customer satisfaction and generates optimal revenue.

Monitor Driver Behaviour and Safety Measures:

The main responsibility of every fleet manager is to keep their vehicles, drivers and responsible load on the road should safe and under control. Late deliveries, number of incidents, harsh driving, complaints from persons on road, and lack of safety measures by drivers can help to know the track of driver’s faults. fruiSCE fleet management has KPIs to measure driver behavior such as driver behavior analysis, best drivers, worst drivers, number of incidents by drivers, and so on. The manager can track the incidents in a particular period, harsh driving, and resulting loss. Having benchmarks with KPIs for driver safety and safe order delivery also avoids complaints and fines.

fruiSCE® Fleet Management empowers you to achieve world-class fleet operations with optimum efficiency and utilization of resources, and improve profitability.  You can efficiently manage loads, trips, and resources (fleet, drivers, fuel, etc.) to meet and exceed service levels. All necessary enabling processes i.e., statutory requirements, claims, spare parts, accounting, and integrations, are taken care of effectively. Integrate with ERP, TMS, and GPS solutions seamlessly. Enable Artificial Intelligence & Process Mining to improve the performance of fleet planning & operations.