Key features and benefits of fruiSCE® Warehouse Management System

Benefits of fruiSCE Warehouse Management System

fruiSCE™ Warehouse Management is a comprehensive solution to address the key warehousing challenges through advanced technology enablers. fruiSCE® WMS covers end-to-end business processes seamlessly through a paperless system. fruiSCE® WMS is empowered with Artificial Intelligence algorithms and integration with IoT devices. fruiSCE® WMS is suitable for all kinds of warehouse order fulfillment operations which include retail, manufacturing, 3PL, e-commerce, and distribution centers. The solution covers mobile productivity (voice & scan), license plate management, event management, real-time analytics, and operational metrics.

Key Features of fruiSCE® WMS:

Purchase order:  Create purchase order for multiple line items with different price and structures.

Good Receiving: Based on receiving notification, ASN, or EDI, Goods Receive Note can be prepared manually or automatically.

Putaway:  Automatic putaway recommended based on putaway rules which provides optimized space utilization.  Putaway can be executed through a mobile application or RF gun to have an accurate and speedy process.  Appropriate quality checking is taken place before the putaway process.

Cross-docking:  Based on type of deliveries, the receiving and delivery process can be aligned to have cross docking. 

Inventory management:  Inventory transfers from one location to another location and inventory adjustments can be done for clearing the differences if any.  Cycle counting helps to keep the inventory accurate.

Sales order:  Sales order is created automatically or manually for the delivery of products based on industry best practices.

Manufacturing Order:  Goods are issued for manufacturing and the process supports all necessary steps including trolley management, empties, different type of picking processes.

Picking & dispatch:  Automatic picking is done through optimized picking processes based on a variety of picking optimization logic.  Wave planning and execution will take place.  The products are dispatched with relevant packing if required. 

Invoicing:  The accounting will be settled for inbound and outbound invoicing and also to register expenses with provision for a variety of accounting reports.

Enablers:  Labelling based on requirement and auto replenishment help seamless warehouse operations. 

Integrations:  Seamless integration and robust data transfer with different types of systems to enable world-class warehouse operations through fruiSCE® WMS.

Key Benefits of fruiSCE WMS:

Below are the selected benefits of the fruiSCE® WMS solution. There will be indirect benefits of streamlined business processes, ease of system usage, easy knowledge transfer, faster data inputs, faster reporting, and comprehensive performance reporting.

  • Increase picking productivity 20-40%
  • Achieve +99% inventory accuracy
  • Order accuracy +99.9%
  • Expedite inbound activities by 15-30%
  • Reduce inventory level & capital expenses
  • Optimize the use of warehouse space by 10-20%
  • Eliminate requirements for year-end-inventory
  • Fewer product damages
  • Better labor management
  • Optimized and flexible receiving & putaway
  • IoT integrations and automation for faster and accuracy
  • Advanced putaway and picking process
  • Mobile application to increase productivity and user experience
  • Cubing and capacity planning based on dimensions

fruiSCE® WMS Industry Best Practices:

Warehouse Analytics

  • Performance analysis
  • Key insights
  • Connects to all data sources
  • Planning decisions
  • Performance dashboards

Industry Best Practices

  • World-class warehouse operations
  • Industry pain points
  • Relevant KPIs
  • Business-specific KPIs