Automate Warehouse Operations through Barcoding and RFID technology


Today’s modern supply chain demand 100% accuracy and fast processing of orders to meet up with market compliance and service demands. In this modern era, paper-based record keeping and disconnect processes for a modern warehouse will not help organizations to meet their turnover demands. Real-time management visibility and optimized materials handling are necessary for any operational operations.

By having barcode and RFID capture methods in your WMS software. Supply chain organizations can improve the speed and accuracy in their processes, location tracking, Cycle counting, retrieving for anything that moves in or out from the warehouse.

Supply chain organizations that leverage the use of Barcode and RFID solutions are able to increase their turnover and optimize inventory, as well as improve the accuracy of their manufacturing, packing, and shipping. People can be relocated to higher-value activities or more vital areas

Business Process Influenced by Barcoding & RFID Technology:

Following business processes can be reviewed and optimized to enable automation of inventory processes through barcoding technology. The following are a few processes connected to automation through barcoding and RFID. 

  1. Purchase Receiving: All incoming shipments are received through the regular receiving process (current practice) and additionally for new items or old items, barcode labels need to be printed and fixed in the item master.
  2. Inventory Transfers:   All items needed to transfer from one location to another location, the business process needed to be optimized by scanning barcodes through a barcode reader.  The system should automatically perform item identification and perform the inventory transfer process.
  3. Inventory Adjustments: If an inventory is adjusted i.e., either increased or reduced, should be done through the automatic barcode scanning process.  The option should be available for scanning to avoid manual entry of item code.
  4. Inventory Issue:  All the material issued against the voucher or delivery voucher need to be done through the barcode scanning process.  The majority of inventory transactions belong to this category and the process should be simple enough to manage the transactions. 
  5. Inventory Returns:  In case of any material returned to stores, the return order needs to be done through barcode scanning and the quantity needs to be taken automatically into ERP inventory.
  6. Sales Deliveries:  All the materials issued against sales orders need to be done through the barcode scanning process.  It will be easier to pick, pack, and deliver goods against sales deliveries.

Benefits of Automation of processes through Barcoding & RFID

  1. Labor hours and costs
  • Time taken for the manual process is reduced from hours to minutes with barcode and RFID
  • Organizations need fewer workforces for doing this process
  • More time saved means more time to focus on other needs, Increase productivity and reduce labor cost.
  • Information will be stored digitally

2. Data accuracy and quality control

  • Eliminate errors that commonly occur in manual processes.
  • When data is accurate, automatically there is improved accuracy of orders and shipment and quality control

3. Inventory management and asset tracking

  • It’s extremely difficult and time-consuming to manufacture products or pack shipments in an unorganized facility. You should never have to worry that a necessary tool or machine has gone missing or that materials were distributed incorrectly.
  • With the help of barcode and RFID, people can easily track the asset location
  • Facilities can use barcode and RFID data to increase inventory visibility or gain stronger insight into the materials that come in and out of the facility.

fruiSCE® Warehouse Management System is fully aligned with barcoding and RFID integrations and provides seamless data flow and automatic warehouse operations.  The user shall experience a robust WMS system with limited data inputs and fully integrated with Barcoding and RFID technology.  Please contact [email protected] for more information.

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