Artificial Intelligence applications in Fleet Management

Nowadays many industries are aware of Artificial Intelligence, which is the duplication of human intelligence processes by machines. After doing a lot of research, fleet managers understood that artificial intelligence is not meant to replace their position, but rather it makes their role more productive and efficient. Finally, fleet managers can get help from AI with their business needs and aid to introduce new technologies.

Do you think it possible to help AI to solve these problems completely? NO, perhaps AI based fleet management system will help reduce these types of challenges and face them with greater efficiency.

How FruiSCE uses AI to improve fleet operations efficiently

  • Reduce idle time of driver and Driver Behaviour
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Optimized Routes and improve fuel economy
  • Vehicle Availability
  • Reduce Idle time of Driver and Driver Behaviour

Preventive maintenance:

Most of the expenses are incurred in unplanned maintenance and repair costs. It is very difficult to know the service before repair. Preventive maintenance is done by collecting and analyzing data from sensors on vehicles. AI uses this bulk data and analyzes the problem in vehicles before significant issues occur. AI module can learn with big data and understand the details of each part in the vehicle like the age of the part, how many hours will it run on an average basis, and the road surface. Once the issue is detected, AI will recommend the solutions like replacement of the vehicle, alert for next service, and etc.  

Optimized Routes and improve fuel economy:

Artificial Intelligence collects huge data and provides optimized routes that help to increase mileage. Increasing the mileage automatically decreases fuel usage which improves reduction in cost. Optimizing the route plan helps to get the details such as monitoring and predicting traffic, weather forecasting, Route performance forecasting, and Wayside facilities such as telephones, washrooms, restaurants, service shops, first aid centers, and the Indian roads. These will optimize the route and improve fuel efficiency.

Vehicle Availability:

A fleet management system assigns suitable vehicles to proper load picking with respect to optimized routes. AI can even go further to optimize the vehicle selection for load pick up and delivery.

Artificial Intelligence models predict customer demand and assign suitable vehicles and consolidate the orders together by route planning. This results in effective utilization of vehicles, reduces fuel consumption, better allocation of resources, etc. This will aid in on-time delivery, satisfies the customers, and will make huge vehicles available for further customer demands.

Reduce Idle time of Driver and Driver Behaviour:

Fleet operations, cost, and maintenance will depend on driver behavior as well, a few years ago it was very difficult to track driver behavior while traveling, but with the help of AI, it analyzes huge data of speed, sudden acceleration, deacceleration, drink and drive, inattention and more. The fleet managers can have the opportunity to know the driver covering distance and his speed and can also determine which driver is safe for their operations.

AI can take the big data of all the driver performance and analyze the information about their driving and identify the proper behavior of the driver and reduces their idle time by assigning them for proper trips.

fruiSCE® Fleet Management empowers you to achieve world-class fleet operations with optimum efficiency and utilization of resources, and improve profitability.  You can efficiently manage loads, trips, and resources (fleet, drivers, fuel, etc.) to meet and exceed service levels. All necessary enabling processes i.e., statutory requirements, claims, spare parts, accounting, and integrations, are taken care of effectively. Integrate with ERP, TMS, and GPS solutions seamlessly. Enable Artificial Intelligence & Process Mining to improve the performance of fleet planning & operations.