A Fleet Management System for every 3PL Provider

Every 3PL manager wants to manage his various customers and vendors with timely communication and efficient service. To achieve this, he requires accurate, appropriate and consistent data which is among the top with ease and take control of the entire life cycle like integrating and managing loads, customer shipping details, optimizing itinerary, reducing the consumption of fuel and its cost, real-time alerts to track driver’s activities and so on. But making the best decision with the derived data which will improve productivity and reduce operational consumption is the top priority to succeed.

3PL needs an appropriate solution to meet their entire needs and make a better and informed decision. They need a software that meets the following requirements.

  • Managing orders from customers
  • Monitor or control end-to-end trip process to optimize cost and increase revenue and satisfy customers with timely delivery.
  • Management and review of documents at any given time
  • Control unexpected incidents/accidents
  • Managing confidential documents
  • Track vendor’s vehicles and assign open orders by knowing their current location

fruiSCE® Fleet Management System has the following features that fulfill all the above requirements;

  • Load Management
  • Trip Management
  • Document Management
  • Finance Management
  • Incident Management
  • GPS Integration

Here are a few of the best practices to improve your 3PL operations to make the best decisions.

  • Satisfy your customer and vendor by managing orders
  • Manage and track your end-to-end trip activities 
  • Track and control your vehicle with GPS integration
  • Incident Management
  • Manage and review documents at any given time
  • Financial Management

Satisfy your customer and vendor by managing orders

The main motive of any 3PL company is to satisfy their customer. Adequate resources like trucks, loads, drivers, and equipment do not meet customer needs. Transferring their load properly and delivering it on time plays a key role in their satisfaction. For this, 3PL requires a solution that helps to oversee the end-to-end process of transportation.

fruiSCE® Fleet Management system offers load management which helps in streamlining loads from customers or integrating ERP or distribution modules. It will help manage a huge number of loads from different sources and facilitate customers tracking their orders and trips for end-to-end activities.

Load Management Process

  • Create orders from the customer or integrate from ERP, MES, WMS, and other solutions
  • Auto vehicle allocation based on availability
  • Manage multiple orders
  • Raise POD, Proforma Invoice, and manage all load-related documents

Manage and track your end-to-end trip activities

Although 3PL does not have its own vehicles to dispatch loads to the customer, he should consider the vendor’s vehicles as his own until his agreement expires. For that, he must have the facility to oversee the end-to-end activities and track his vehicle. He has to handle a large number of trips in a day and each should be done on time without fail.

fruiSCE® Fleet Management System offers a trip management module that helps dispatch, track, and deliver a load to the driver. It provides the capability to know the driver’s activities and tracks every movement of the trip, pickup and delivery date, and its locations. It also has a facility to consolidate the loads from various customers and helps to show the trip process to different vendors. This helps 3PL be free from the hectic burden of giving each activity status to various customers and vendors. 

Trip Management Process

  • Manage single trips or consolidated trips by reviewing end-to-end activity sheets
  • Allocation of resources like a vehicle, container, driver, cleaner, and get confirmation from operational manager to proceed
  • Itinerary optimization and sending trip info through the mail, WhatsApp, or normal message to the assigned driver and cleaner for their confirmation if required
  • Recording timestamps of every activity by driver and co-driver for the entire trip
  • Maintaining takeover, and handover time stamps for loading and unloading activities
  • Maintaining end-to-end documents like invoices, pod, and expenses bills

Track and control your vehicles with GPS

The 3PL service providers need to track the location of various trucks maintained by their vendors and assign loads or trips to suitable vehicles based on their current location or availability. Without knowing the current location, it is difficult to assign tasks to a particular vehicle.

fruiSCE® Fleet Management System has a facility to integrate a Geographic Information System (GPS) which is capable of acquiring, storing, and analyzing real-time or post-processed data of the vehicle. It helps calculate the driver’s speed and determines the location and sends alerts if the driver crosses the geofencing. fruiSCE® Fleet Management System offers the facility to integrate GPS. It helps to capture the real-time data and create a new database in the FMS system so that the operations manager can track the vehicle’s information.

Incident Management

Unfortunate incidents may occur while traveling so 3PL need to maintain appropriate rules and procedures to deal with incidents as much as possible. An operational manager should provide proper training to drivers to give immediate information at the time of accidents as and when they happen.

fruiSCE® fleet management provides the facility to maintain incident details and track geolocation and record photos of the damage. It has a mobile application where drivers can give alerts to nearby drivers and the operational manager. It facilitates maintaining insurance details, claims, FIR/case follow-up, survey details, repair or replacement detection, and incident closure details.

Manage and review documents at any time

The transportation process involves a set of documents flowing from customer to vendors like Purchase Order, Sales Order, Vendor Invoices, Customer Invoices, POD, and more. fruiSCE® fleet management offers a document management module that allows the generation and transfer of documents amongst vendors and customers.

Financial Management

Financial management is a vital role for every manager. In transportation, freight rates and reimbursement rates are mixed with various combinations like Vehicle, KM, Hours, Base Rate, Surcharge, and Additional Charges. Rates may differ based on customer and vendor service. fruiSCE® fleet management facilitates the creation of various rate type records for specific services and transfer vendor and customers based on agreed contracts and rates. 3PL managers can access the system to edit, review, and send documents to various customers and vendors at any given time.

fruiSCE® Fleet Management empowers you to achieve world-class fleet operations with optimum efficiency and utilization of resources, and improve profitability.  You can efficiently manage loads, trips, and resources (fleet, drivers, fuel, etc.) to meet and exceed service levels. All necessary enabling processes such as statutory requirements, claims, spare parts, accounting, and integrations are taken care of effectively. Integrate with ERP, TMS, and GPS solutions seamlessly. Enable Artificial Intelligence & Process Mining to improve the performance of fleet planning & operations.