Supply chain organizations are facing key challenges of trust, transparency, collaboration, and security for quite long time. Blockchain brings technology solution to eliminate all of them with a robust mechanism to operate supply chain efficiently and effectively.

Block chain provides a permanent record of transactions which are then grouped in blocks that cannot be altered. When applied to the supply chain, product information is digitally tied to each item and then inserted in the block chain, along with every other step of the process. We design, develop and implement blockchain solutions for key supply chain processes to make supply chains at optimum. Following are some of processes we focus.

  • Proof of provenance and supply chain traceability
  • International procurement process with letter of credit
  • Inventory management across supply chain
  • Order fulfilment and payment process for B2B and customers
  • Integration with IoT devices and production control systems across supply chain
  • We collaborate with all participants of blockchain initiative to assess, evaluate, and design a viable solution considering complexity, implementation challenges, maintainability, and cost. Our experts take a deep dive in overall process and propose different designs to enhance or replace the current process. Based on concurrence of all participants, we deliver a design blueprint for blockchain solution along with an implementation plan.

    We adopt proven blockchain technologies based on the expectations of blockchain initiative participants and develop all components of blockchain solution. We develop in a design environment as proof-of-concept and make presentations to all participants. We go for full scale blockchain production level development once the sample is approved and accepted.