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Transforming the supply chains of companies in Animal Feed industry

Animal Feed Industry

Feed and grain supply chain operations are very competitive pricing models and this makes their supply chains a key competitive advantage for the organizations. The supply chain operations include feed manufacturing, import/local procurement, raw material and feed transportation, truck and rail operations, risk management, international trade, supply chain planning, and overall performance management. The formulation process is the core of feed milling operations. There are heavy integration requirements with Production Control Systems, weigh bridges, ERP, formulation program, NIR, laboratory management system, RFID, and others.

Animal feed is made of various raw materials and premixes etc. The manufacturing operations include raw material transportation, grinding, mixing, pelleting, packing, loading, and others. The raw materials are sourced, produced and transported throughout the world. Safety for animal feed manufacturing and the ingredients used can have a tremendous impact on the animals and the related food products. Bound by multiple rules and regulations, a variety of elements must be considered in the animal feed industry. An effective and efficient food management system is required to conduct an in-depth safety hazard analysis on the animal feed.

We help Feed Mills and supply chain organizations to achieve supply chain excellence by performing digital transformations in laboratory management, end-to-end supply chain operations, logistics operations, performance management, and supply chain automation & integration.


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Demand Planning




Exchange Rate Instability

Safety & Quality

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Protein Availability

Premixes & Additives

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Volatile Prices

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