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fruiSCE® Demand Planning

fruiSCE® Demand Planner is an overall demand planning solution that gives the best-fit forecasting logic to the planners through robust integration of all kinds of data sources which include ERP and other supply chain solution suites. Supply chain leaders often perform forecasting based on increasing or decreasing trends, seasonality, and data set size. The components of time-series are as complex and sophisticated as the data itself. With increasing time, the data obtained increases and more data doesn't always mean more information, but a larger sample avoids the error that arises due to random sampling. The forecasting engine is powered by AI, ML, and Process Mining capabilities to do the planning as accurate as possible.

Key Benefits

Capture Historical Data

Reduce time to capture historical data and consolidation from multiple data sources

Flexible User Interface

Facility to adjust and modify data flexible user interface as per the requirement

Forecasting & Planning time

Reduce forecasting & demand planning cycle time by 100%

Best Forecasting Techniques

Supports best in practice forecasting techniques through a variety of choice

Data Traceability

Data can be effortlessly traced and used for forecasting and demand planning

Key Features

Planning & Forecasting Parameters

With the help of historic data, trends and patterns are recognized. Planning and forecasting parameters can be effortlessly determined

Historical Data Management

All the data at various significant data points is accurately recorded and it can be managed and used as per the requirement

Forecasting Engine

The Demand Planner is embedded with a powerful forecasting engine which analyzes the data and provides with the predictions

Aggregation & Disaggregation

Transforming data through aggregation and disaggregation allows to gather additional information for improved forecasts

NPI Workbench

New Product Introduction is effectively done through demand planning module by aligning with the demand behavior of similar products with seasonality predicted by AI/ML model and completely aligned with regular forecasting and demand planning process.

Promotions Planning

Once the planning and forecasting parameters are concluded, promotions can be planned accordingly

ABC analysis

Based on the ABC analysis which is a inventory categorization technique, managing the materials becomes easier

Causal Data Analysis

Causal forecasting data can be used to determine the cause-effect relationship between multiple independent variables

Sentiment Analysis

By collecting the data from the internet through browsing, social platforms and other applications used by consumers, one can understand what they are really looking for

User Security

User security is a top priority and the data across various platforms, networks, and devices is provided with atmost security

What we can do for you


Consulting for introduction forecasting and demand planning processes to generate best fit forecast by considering best practice methods which include Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average, Exponential Smoothing, Holt Winter’s Addictive & Multiplicative Methods, Holt Linear Trend, Croston’s Method, etc.


Implement forecasting and demand planning process for collecting the data from various sources and get the system to generate the forecast, create demand plan based on inputs, aggregate and disaggregate, new product introductions, sensitivity analysis, and get the best fit forecast.


Integration with all complementing solutions and data sources which include ERP, Excel, LoB solutions, eCommerce portals, and others to have a seamless flow of data to make data available on time to enable better decision making.


software solution which is comprehensive, easy to implement, easy to maintain, built on the latest technology stack, empowered by AI/ML, process mining, mobility, API enabled, Cloud empowered, and with user friendly interface.

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Industries for the product

fruiSCE® Demand Planner is designed to cater services to various industries and the following are a few of them.


Retail & Distribution





Descrete Manufacturing

Pharma & BioTech


Mining, Oil & Gas

Animal Feed

Logistics Services

Job shop manufacturing

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Planning & Forecasting Parameters
Historical Data Management
AI/ML based Forecasting Engine
Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average
Single Exponential Smoothing
Double Exponential Smoothing
Triple Exponential Smoothing
Holt Winter’s Addictive & Multiplicative Methods
Holt Linear Trend
Croston’s Method
Best Fit option
Sales Executive Manual Input
New Product Introduction Work Bench
Promotions Planning
Demand Planning
Version Control
ABC Analysis
Casual Data Analysis
Sentiment Analysis
User Security
Master Data Management
Process Mining

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